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Colton Gave Us Quite a Season in This New Dating Version of The Bachelor #Aplausos!

Colton and Cassie in an interview with Jimmy Kimmel.

Well well well, after watching Colton bungee jump, travel to Asia, make out with 30 women and cry a lot – a lot, we get to see him find love sans engagement though. These past four months were interesting to say the least. To be honest, I had passed on this season, but Colton drew me in little by little. Let’s look back at some of this season’s best moments.

Beginnings are always nice…

The kids date in San Diego with Elyse. Are you kidding me? He likes kids and he’s hot?

It seems pageant queens don’t really want world peace after all.

Maybe opening champagne bottles was also a first for Colton?


Week after week, Twitter “Bachelor Nation” went crazy waiting for the #fencejump scene to happen – and it didn’t disappoint.

Asking for the girls hand in marriage is a nice tradition that many have lost. We’re all moving so fast these days and expect immediate results that I liked how some of the dad’s were hesitant to say yes to Colton’s request.

Finale Part 1

Recap of Nicole’s crying journey through the show and Halo Top coming to the rescue. Priceless.

Colton’s hair was more important to “Bachelor nation” than the finale interviews. Even Ben Higgins joked Colton’s hair almost poked him backstage.

Cassie comes on the Bachelor but is afraid of relationships…come on y’all, better vetting please…

Bad breakups in Portugal and Hannah G said it perfectly.

The women tell all episode was very catty. Demi’s reactions pretty much summed up our mood that night.

Even Carrie Underwood was into the drama.


Finale Part 2

This didn’t start right. Cassie hugging Colton in her room looked staged!

Why would she agree to meet the family if she’s not ready? That’s “moving fast” girl.

Moving in together?

Oh, and the vcard jokes were not just a Chris Harrison thing.

So what does the future look like for Colton and Cassie?

Jk. Colton is positive and says he stands by all of his decisions. I guess he really did nail it throughout the season.

After the finale it was Jimmy Kimmel’s turn to interview the couple AND to give them what would’ve been their engagement ring. Colton almost proposed, but it seems that will be an off camera sitch. All we can say is good luck to the new couple who still doesn’t know what to call themselves haha (see minute 2:20). #NoPuesMuyBien

This season turned out to be surprisingly interesting. As much as we try to say “enough”! We get sucked in again.

#The BachelorGetsUs #INeedIceCreamTooHaloTop


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