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Christmas Diaries: Best And (Mostly) Worst Christmas Presents

Woman opening a Christmas gift

Christmas is here and so are the “Oh my God thanks!” and “Wow, you shouldn’t have! (srsly, shouldn’t have…)”. Were you ready for this year’s Christmas presents? Or did you pull a Rachel and plan on returning most of them?

We all try our best to buy good, thoughtful presents for our family and friends but sometimes we miss the mark – or they miss the mark. The mark is a dot to them! What has been the best and/or worst Christmas present you’ve ever given or received?

Here are some of our favorite gifts…or Christmas tragedy stories:


Worst present received – Foodie Dice
I got a “foodie dice” from a secret santa gift exchange at the old company I used to work at. It was basically two or three wooden dices with different food categories (vegetables, fish, poultry, tropical fruit, you get the idea) that you can throw to help determine what you wanted to cook for dinner. I cook all the time and know exactly what I want to eat, always. So this present for me was almost at the height of the ridiculous meter!

Worst present received – Tea pot
My sister got me a tea pot…I don’t drink tea!
Worst present you’ve given – toilet paper as a white elephant

Worst present received – Rainbow bulky itchy sweater
My ex-boyfriend asked his brother to buy me my first Christmas present and nope, it was not good. The sweater was big, itchy in a faded rainbow pattern and I had to wear it all day the 25th – all day.

Worst present received – leftover corporate gifts from work
My boyfriend gave me a branded backpack he got from work!

Worst present received – a mug
The box was big. I thought it would be cards against humanity and it ended up being a “boss lady” mug wrapped inside a bigger flat rate box from the post office…

Worst present received – No Benjamins…
What could’ve been a great Christmas present turned into the saddest one…fake money haha. Oh the dreams of a shopping spree stripped away in a matter of seconds. What do you even DO with fake money? Add to the Monopoly board game bank? Honestly, I don’t even know. Either someone gets very rich during a board game session or gets caught using it and goes to jail. Sorry Marcos.

Worst present received – Pooping doll
In high school, I received a small wooden doll from Guadalajara. You would press or hit the doll and it would “poo” a spiral of weird candy. The candy wasn’t even good!

Worst present received – keep reading…
Once my aunt got me a sequined thong for Christmas. That was pretty bad (or pretty great?).

Worst present received – cookies
Ok, I was young and I guess it makes sense. We had our secret Santa exchange in high school and someone gave me cookies – galletas Maria. Most people don’t like those cookies until they’re older and decide sugar is actually bad for them. I hated them, so I guess it really struck me. I mean I still remember that and high school was a while ago…

Best presents mostly consisted of concerts, soft sweaters and one cool trip. A trip?!

Interesting enough, when we asked the question of best and/or worst Christmas present, people were a bit shy when talking about their worst present but once they told us, they told us the whole story. Don’t worry though, not all presents are bad. We’re sure you gave great presents….Have a Christmas present tragedy you want to share? Tell us about it in the comments section below or DM us!

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  1. João Gustavo April 9, 2019

    Post grande. Eu era verificação constantemente isto blog e Eu sou inspirou !
    Muito úteis informação especificamente o
    final parte 🙂 Eu cuidar tais informação muito.
    Era procurando isto certas informações para um tempo .
    Obrigado e boa sorte .


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