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#BreakTheIceInAnElevator: Tips for the Awkward Ride

Hand pressing elevator button

Riding in an elevator can be an interesting trip. There’s elevator etiquette everyone seems to just silently agree on so that everyone can salvage their tiny bit of space for the duration of the lift. For instance, while waiting for an elevator, you stand off to the side so people getting out can walk through. Another, is when you’re riding with strangers, you face the doors instead of each other. Lastly, and this one is a biggie: silence is ok. We all know that can be super awkward depending on how long the ride is, but it’s more common to not say anything.

All of that seems commonplace, but it looks as though the Twitterverse decided it was time to question these “rules” and ask the big question: what if the awkward silence was broken?

This past weekend, people tweeted their ideas using the hashtag #BreakTheIceInAnElevator and the results are hilarious.

By being curious:

Making it a sing a long ride:

Making it creepy:

Making it gross:

Making it weird:

Celebrating that made it safely:


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