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Binge This – Abstract: The Art of Design Season 2

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One of the best recent documentary miniseries returns on September 25. Abstract: The Art of Design talks with designers of wildly different industries. From costume design to bio-architecture (I don’t know what that is either but I can’t wait to find out) this series shows us the inspiration, motivation, and humanity of incredible creators and designers.

I am excited for this because season 1 grabbed my attention and held onto it for all but one episode. The show is incredibly inspiring. I think it is because the subjects are presented in a very down to earth light. This isn’t an ass-kissing show that puts these people up on crazy pedestals. They are artists and creators talking about their impressive works, but they’re just saying “this is why I did it, and this is what it says and means to me.” The industries are so different that you’re bound to find something you’re into. So if one of the new episodes doesn’t speak to you, try another.

Season 1 featured creators like Tinker Hatfield, who designed Jordan shoes for Nike for 20 years. Es Devlin designed mind blowing stages for Beyoncé, Kanye, Rihanna and more. Bjarke Ingels redefined architecture in the past 10 years. Their stories are filmed with brightness and energy that is infectious, and motivates you as you watch it. Season 2 looks to continue that style.

Season 2’s Ruth Carter is the award-winning costume designer for Black Panther and other movies. Cas Holman designs innovative toys and playgrounds. How fun must that be? I’m looking forward to her story the most. Neri Oxman is the previously mentioned bio-architect. It sounds like we will hear her thoughts on the future of this planet, or at least humanity.

Check out both seasons on Netflix and get inspired to create. What sort of art or design inspires you? Let us know below!


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