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Big Little Lies and Its Place Within the LGBTQ Community

A group of women standing

This is not a season 2 review of Big Little Lies, but rather, a commentary on how they listened to, and embraced their biggest fan base, cementing its place within queer pop culture.

Yes, I know BLL is the epitome of white rich girl drama but, Gay Twitter devoured every single moment of season 1, and it looks like Reese and her team did their homework because this new season is the definition of gay rights.

Here’s why:

Shailene Woodley dancing to the Call Me By Your Name soundtrack, in the beach the same weekend Pride was happening in LA:

Meryl Streep winning the internet (and an Emmy) with a mere 12-second clip:

Gay Icon Laura Dern in this look that we are not worthy of:

Reese’s embodiment of privilege:

Alexander Skarsgard. That’s it, that’s the reason:


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