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Bad Bunny is Redefining a Genre Rooted in Machismo

Bad Bunny sticking his tongue out

House favorite, Bad Bunny, is breaking records and pushing cultural boundaries with his music and artistic expression. And he’s taking on an unfortunate and pervasive aspect of the Latinx community, machismo.

It’s incredibly refreshing to see the superstar challenging the deeply embedded chauvinism with his style, perspective and sexuality. Not to mention, we’re obsessed with his music and inimitable voice.

Bad Bunny vs Machismo

During a chat with Rosalia for Interview Magazine, he shared that he gets anxious when getting his nails done and doesn’t like to do them in Spain because the technician doesn’t allow him to help.

HIs music video for “Caro,” is a beautiful protest against all stigmas, featuring several gender-bending moments, and an all-inclusive fashion show.

He’s not only inspiring his fans to openly express themselves, but also fellow reggaetoneros. J Balvin recently said that Bad Bunny’s colorful presence in the urban music scene made him an example that would help people depriving themselves of being who they really are.

Can’t wait to see what Bad Bunny does next!


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