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Are You Triggered By These Holiday Music Classics?

Mariah Carey Christmas Concert

The minute November hits, you get the sensation that the holidays are right around the corner. Everywhere you go displays are set, stores are running sales, and the music is inescapable. I am 1000% triggered by these holiday music classics. Are you?

Mariah Carey is undeniably talented, and her hugely popular, All I Want For Christmas Is You, is my favorite song to hate over the season. I simultaneously want to sing along while nursing a headache from the other five times I heard it in a single day. From November 1st to December 25th, you’ll have listened to Mariah’s Christmas hit over 280 times. That’s enough to make anyone want peace and quiet for their holiday gift. 

All I Want For Christmas Is You Diva GIF by VH1 - Find & Share on GIPHY
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My all-time favorite Christmas song is Last Christmas by Wham!. I lose a piece of my soul when I hear the multitude of awful covers and renditions of the song. Last Christmas was perfect the first time! We never needed the Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, Glee, Jimmy Eat World, Gwen Stefani, Kidz Bop, or the 100 other versions of the song. If this were a menu, I would only order Last Christmas by Wham!. 

As a Latina, I always hoped to hear songs I grew up with for the holidays on the radio. The most unfortunate Latin Christmas song played ad nauseam is Feliz Navidad. Looking back, I don’t think I have ever heard Latin holiday music represented outside of my household. As an adult, it feels like popular music has used Feliz Navidad to tokenize our communities. 

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Parrandas were a massive part of my family’s Christmas celebration. Have you ever started humming a tune to yourself, then someone hears you, and they join in? During our parrandas, that song was Dame La Mano Paloma. My uelo would play his cuatro guitar while I played the güiro. The rest of my family and friends would join in with their voices and instruments. Wherever we went, if we heard the song, we had to sing along. 
Get triggered to these songs and more in our Holiday Playlist Below. 

Lo Boutillette

With deep ties to music and the arts, Lo is constantly inspired by her Latin Americana roots and the spontaneity of New York City. When she isn’t planning and perfecting her productions you’ll find her tending to her rose garden with her dog Bella.

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