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Amazon Video Exclusive: Drag Race Seasons 1 – 5

Ru Paul Drag Race Ad

After rewatching the early seasons, I realized how much I miss “Drag Race.” Particularly, the pre-mainstream explosion. These seasons have what made Ru Paul great: charisma, uniqueness, talent, and nerve. You get to see him actually interacting with the queens, being spontaneous, having fun and spilling all the tea.

I forgot how RuPaul made the queens on Season 5 lip sync to iconic fights from “Untucked” (like the Shangela Sugar Daddy scene in the video below) or basically how Season 4 had the best Snatch Game ever and how Latrice was furious because some of the queens was not giving their all.

I’m not saying that the queens from the newer seasons are not good (they are). But I miss a “Drag Race” that was tailored to the queer community, instead of the one that we have now which is tailored to the straight community’s idea of what drag queens are.

If you wanna watch the first five seasons, catch them on Amazon Video.


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