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7 Times Women Dominated Drunk History

Image Courtesy Of Drunk History

Drunk History is in essence, a show about comedians, getting totally off-their-faces drunk while telling stories about important moments in history. These re-tellings are also paired with reenactments by famous actors and celebrities. If you’re like, why do I need to see this, stay with us. Number one: it’s really, really funny. Two: the actors in the reenactments have to emulate the speech of the drunk comedian-historian, which ensures a lot of hilarity, especially when they start to drunkenly stutter. Three: you’ll actually learn about real historical moments that you wouldn’t otherwise know. 

With that said, comedy is a space notoriously unkind to women. Between rape jokesand idiotic myths spread by comedy-bros about how women aren’t funny, it can be rough to be a woman who is interested in comedy. Which is why we are excited about the crop of women comedians like Anjelah Johnson, Cristela Alonzo and Sofia Niño de Rivera who are holding it down. Some of our favorite Drunk Historyepisodes are also narrated by women about historical feminist triumphs. We’ve compiled our favorite.

  1. Cleopatra’sSister, Arsinoe As A Very Petty Queen 

2) Florence Nightingale Dropping A Lot Of F-Bombs

3) Mary Ellen Pleasant As Head B**CH In Charge

4) Patty Hearst As The Ditzy Kidnapped Woman With Stockholm Syndrome

5) Margaret Sanger Finds Birth Control For Human Women

6) Gloria Steinem Goes Undercover

7) Rose Valland Takes On The Nazis Then Does The Nee Nee


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