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5 Reasons Why Bunnies Are The Perfect Pets

Bunny in grass, daisy coronet, spring and easter. - Image
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For those of us who find ourselves to be neither a cat, nor dog person (allergies…ACHOO), bunnies are here to save the day. Here are five reasons why a rabbit might be just right for you.

They are perfect in small spaces.

Photo courtesy of Pinterest.

If you spend a lot of time on Pinterest trying to find practical furniture to make the most out of your tiny living space, then the idea of having a pet might seem really far fetched. However, don’t be alarmed, because a little teeny baby bunny might be the perfect pet for you. They don’t take up a lot of space. Their cages are relatively small, and they only need to get a few hours of exercise running outside their cages in a bunny-safe room.

You can take them on walks (or hops).

Photo courtesy of Pinterest.

All you need is a bunny harness

They are generally clean.

Bunnies are pretty good about keeping their fur clean. For those who are weary of poop (number one reason for being pet shy), rabbits are easy to litter-train when they are rewarded with treats. Just be sure to brush their fur once a week.

They are quiet.

If you’re sensitive to noise or have neighbors who are, bunnies are silent as lambs. They are the perfect pets for light sleepers.

They purr! Purr!

Did you know that bunnies purr like cats? Just a little sign to let you know they are happy and content. How adorable is that?


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