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3 Queer Instagram Accounts You Must Follow

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Even though Pride is celebrated only one month a year, you should support queer people in their endeavors all year long. It’s okay if you watch Drag Race but also go and tip you local drag queen. It’s great if you want to buy a corporation’s special edition pride shirt but make sure they are donating that money to a queer non profit.

Therefore, it costs zero dollars to follow queer creators and give them your support, even if it’s via Instagram. So here are 3 Queer Instagram Accounts you must follow:


The Conde Nast queer publication is a must for those who are looking for stories about queer lives through the lens of queer people while maintaining a perfect aesthetic tbh.

Luke Austin Studio

Yes, he’s a white gay but he’s using his photography for good. Luke Austin is creating art to showcase the beauty of POC, Trans and Latinx in the Queer Community.

Benny Drama

Who doesn’t love a good laugh right? Just check this post out and you’d be hooked


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