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3 Interesting Non-Music Jobs in the Music Industry

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When we think of the music industry, we only consider the singers, producers, managers, publicists and personal assistants, but I’m sure there are so many other roles. Which is why I decided to embark on an internet whole to find the most interesting jobs in the music industry:

Gift Card Program Manager

Basically, the person in charge of driving gift card sales in the retail industry. I thought, this would fall under the jurisdiction of the Trade Marketing department, but apparently there’s an entire position that focuses solely on that.

Fact Checker for Podcasts

Yup, as you read it. This is different from the producer or writer of the podcasts, the sole role of this person, is to go through the scripts and make sure everything uttered is true.

Cover Art Designer

I personally thought that the label had one graphic designer who covered all artwork but no. They have a specific graphic designer whose sole purpose is to do the cover art for singles and LP’s. They also are in charge of creating graphic guidelines for the singer.

PS: now that we’re talking about behind the scenes jobs in the music industry, take a look at the new NBC show called, Songland, that’s all about songwriting


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