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2019 Fashion Trends to Look Out For

Two female models walk the runway in different dresses during a Fashion Show. Fashion catwalk event showing new collection of clothes.

As Miranda Priestly would say, “Florals? For Spring? Groundbreaking.”

“Groundbreaking” it is, though, because florals are back! The List predicted a few trending patterns in fashion for the 2019 year, and some are certainly making new waves in the fashion industry, including gender neutral clothing. I myself am personally digging the 90’s comeback – what about you?

Vivian Wang

Vivian is a travel enthusiast and food connoisseur living in New York City. Her curiosity and passion for languages and culture has taken her across eight countries over the past year. When not working, you can find her meandering in art museums or sampling food at the street markets.

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  1. Cheryl Lowe April 18, 2019

    I’ve seen mini skirts with a attachment of see through netting or mesh to see through your legs down to the middle of your caff.

  2. Cheryl Lowe April 18, 2019

    I’ve only seen this dress on a talk show.


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