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15 Memes You’ll Get If You Suffer From Anxiety

Anxiety. The age of anxiety. Illustration.

Anxiety. Can’t live with it. Can definitely live without it, but how? According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, approximately 40 million adults in the U.S. suffer from anxiety disorder. So if your anxiety is keeping you up at night, you’re definitely not the only one and we’ve got the memes to prove it. We hope they help you feel seen.

1. You: Will you just stop? Anxiety: *Cackling* Never!

Source: Buzzfeed Health

2. And you thought you were sleeping tonight. Best laid plans.

Source: Setmandoombar / Imgur

3. Thank you, that’s a unique perspective we’ve never heard before.

Source: Dopl3r

4. The never ending saga that comes with putting off your responsibilities because you’re anxious, but realizing it’s only making you more anxious.

Source: Me.me

5. This also applies to picking up free stuff from Craigslist.

Source: Imgur

6. Because anxiety needs no reasons whatsoever!

Source: Imgur

7. There are things worse than hell.

Source: Imgur

8. You thought!

Source: Me.me

9. When you get through items 1 – 9 on your to-do list and item 10 feels left out.

Source: Anderson Pleasants / Twitter

10. Sunday night anxiety, going strong since 1st grade.

Source: Jeremy Carden / Flickr

11. What are your hobbies?

Source: OK Creepsters / Tumblr

12. Not looking forward to 2020…

13. This. Is. the. Literal. Worst.

Source: Reddit

14. Who else is loading their carts with …?

Source: Imgur

15. Best. Feeling. Ever.

Source: Knowyourmeme.com

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