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14 Years Later: Is “Crazy Frog” Making a Comeback?

The Crazy Frog

Remember back in the mid 2000s, at the height of the dance music craze, when we were “blessed” with Crazy Frog?

The animated character haunted every single hit song of the time. Its popularity was unprecedented and eventually gained such international clout, the signature jingle became immortalized via ringtone. It seemed everywhere you went, people’s phones were sounding off to the “Frog Fever” anthem. It took three albums, nearly ten videos and billions of online views for the phenomenon to finally get “cancelled.”

Leave it to Tiesto, who recently played one of the Frog’s vintage tracks at ULTRA, to reboot the party icon fourteen years later. Following the DJ’s throwback, Crazy Frog is beginning to trend online and many are predicting a full-on comeback.

We don’t know where the historic trend is going but its creators recently published The Not So Crazy Frog [Documentary] telling the story of how it all began. Curious?


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