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10 Tips to Make Your Festival Awesome!

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Summer is almost here. You know what that means. It’s time to get your festival on. Here are 10 tips to follow at any festival you attend this summer.

Don’t be like this…

1) Research location. Know the weather and plan accordingly, packing warm and cool clothing. Know the landscape and bring comfortable shoes. Get a lay of the land when you arrive and explore the grounds.

2) Camp. Bring a large enough tent for your bed and clothing. Double-check all tent supplies — you don’t want to miss any poles. Bring a shade structure for the peak sunny hours. Stake your tent and shade structure. Solar lights are a great addition for your camp at night. Bring a portable phone charger and extra batteries.

3) Comforts & Hydration. Earplugs, eye drops & eye mask are all musts. Pee funnel for ladies and a designated clear bottle. You may not want to make that long walk to the port-o-potty in the dark. Baby wipes. Large water jugs for camp, a water bottle to carry around and pack of electrolytes for hydration. You’ll want a headlamp to see at night. Bring snacks for camp.

4) Pack it in / Pack it out. Leave your space better than you found it. Bring heavy duty trash bags. Dedicate one to trash and one for recycling. Avoid glass and bring cans instead, they cool down quicker in cooler. Remove packaging before your trip. Be sure to leave space in your car for trash!

5) Leave valuable items at home. If you must bring, be sure to lock them in your car when not in use. Make a copy of your car key and keep in a separate location.  

6) Keep an open mind. You never know what you will experience or who you will meet. Leave judgement behind and invite in amazement and wonder!

7) Pace yourself. If you’re there for several days, you’ll want to feel good throughout your festival. Moderate yourself and know your limits. Keep yourself hydrated and nourished. And if you partake in mind-altering substances, know your source and bring a test kit or use on-site services like DanceSafe, The Loop, etc.

8) Bring enough cash / credit card. Sometimes a late-night snack after a whole day of adventures will make you feel better the next day, and you may find a vendor that has that perfect thing for you.

9) Creative clothing. Festivals are all about creativity and free self-expression. Bring outfits that make you happy!

10) Have an awesome time!


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