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You Graduated, Now What?

People throwing graduation caps in the air

When it comes to life, work or love there is no singular solution or recipe for success. But, there are a couple of inevitable life lessons that come with post-grad life.

One of your friends will be instantly successful, and that is okay.

You will have that one friend that immediately has their life figured out. At least, according to social media. Don’t compare yourself to them. Remember that people only show their best selves online. Just focus on your goals and you’ll get there on your time.

Take risks.

Everyone assumes that just because you’re not in college anymore you have your life figured out. Shocker, you don’t. Life will get scary. But you must always persist through moments of doubt because the higher the risk, the bigger the compensation.

Figure out your strengths and weaknesses at work.

The more self-aware you are at work, the better professional you’ll become. Identify which areas require improvement and which help you shine. It’s not easy to pinpoint, but the earlier you start, the faster you’ll see results.

Media wiz Gary Vee sums it up nicely:


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