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Why You Must Add Vieques to Your Travel List

The sunset and the ocean

Every single Puerto Rican I know has talked highly about Vieques as the perfect beach getaway. They say that the atmosphere is relaxing, and that the town is perfect to dance a veinte uñas (20 nails in Spanish).

Being the control freak that I am, I kept asking them why and they all said, “You just have to go and you’ll know, I don’t know how to explain it.” Of course, that’s not enough for me. I have to do research before going somewhere, and so in my deep dive search through the web, I came across this vlog that breaks down what to do, the travel expenses, and even showcases the incredible island of Vieques in all its rich colors.

After watching I booked my flight ASAP. I think you will, too.


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