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Who Shot Big Papi?

Big Papi

Attempted murder of MLB Superstar Big Papi leaves sports world stunned.

Reports broke early this morning about new arrests made in on-going investigation of the attempted murder of David Ortiz. The news rocked the sports world, with even former President Obama commenting via Twitter.

The incident has left detectives scrambling make arrests and determine a motive. CNN notes that, “While the motive of the shooting is unclear, police have said the suspects were offered 400,000 Dominican pesos — about $7,800 — to carry out the hit.” There are now a total of 9 people in custody.

Ortiz, 41, a legendary player for the Boston Red Sox, is currently in recovery at Massachusetts General Hospital. He was shot multiple times in the back at point blank range while at Dial Bar and Lounge in Santo Domingo.


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