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Weekly Horoscope: July 8th- 14th, 2019 Mercury Retrograde ASMR

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Ok ya’ll, don’t panic. Mercury Retrograde is here again. Mercury rules communication and thought, and being this is cancer season, things can definitely get twisted. Take Care! These ASMR horoscopes were made to soothe you when things get rough ❤️

Mercury rules tech as well. And during Mercury Retrogrades, which is when Mercury is moving backwards through the sky, communication and tech can get messy. People panic. Many memes are posted. Laptop burnings happen in the streets. But don’t worry! Because I got you. Read on.


You’re so creative and you’re such a pioneer, but this week, you may be feeling like you’re falling flat. That’s the Mercury Retrograde talking. If you find yourself comparing yourself to others, wondering if you’ve checked all the markers of success for your age, or wondering if you have accomplished all the things you’ve been wanting to accomplish, that’s the Mercury Retrograde talking. 

This won’t be the easiest thing to do this week but focus on what you have been able to do up to now. Gas up your own self. Look at all of your accomplishments and strengths. No one could be at this exact place in time right now except for you. And you’ve got so much more ahead of you, as long as you believe it babe. 


There are times when things feel to hectic and intense to want to go outside and make the effort to talk to people. This might be one of those weeks. What’s coming up right now is that there are certain situations that don’t make you feel safe, supported, and cared for. Certain people may make you feel uncomfortable, or like you really don’t feel like letting them into the safe zone. 

And you know what? That’s ok Taurus. You can definitely spend the week inside, waiting this one out. But you should know that this isn’t really about those situations or those people. This is about you feeling sure and grounded in your own self. This is about letting go of the anxiety from past experiences that went sour. This is about trusting that this time could be different. If you let it.


Because Mercury is your ruling planet, you tend to be more heavily affected by these retrogrades than most. And I’m talking about the internal process, not the external technology problems—those may come too. But what I’m most concerned with is your sense of self. 

This particular retrograde may have you going back and re-tracing previous conversations, trying to figure out whether you’ve been fully understood or seen. You may even notice that there are certain parts of yourself you hold back because you’re not sure whether they’ll be received well. Take it easy this week, as all this focus on how you communicate and how other people perceive it can be exhausting. There will never be the perfect way to say somethings, but you can count on your own integrity to carry you through any difficulties that arise. 


Times are a bit tough on the wallet lately. It’s mid-summer, there’s so many places to go out of town, and it’s really hard to stay in the house and try to save money. So you know what? Indulge at a pace that feels right. You can’t just recede into the house, never going out, and hoarding your whole paycheck so you can pay off all the credit card debt. 

What’s actually going to happen is that you’ll stay in so much that you’ll go out one night and splurge like your life depended on it, spending way more money than if you would have just gone out regularly. Be careful of falling back on your fear and restricting yourself to the point that you need to break loose— this is absolutely not a good strategy. I promise.


It’s about to be your birthday season, and you’re starting to feel impatient. It’s not the anticipation of Cancer season finally being over—it’s Mercury going Retrograde in your first house, and he’ll be here all month. 

Take care to slow your roll right now Leo. You are highly likely to be jumping to conclusions, vying for attention, and needing a lot of validation. You’re working out some of the core issues of self right now—Mercury wants you to do this before your birthday so you can start your year off right – so just keep in mind you’re operating from a less evolved place while you work it out. Do some exercise about it. Keep it slow and keep it thoughtful. And try not to project.


I see you Virgo, and I’m letting you take the week off from talking if you want to. Usually I’m the cheerleader for people going headstrong and full force into their social lives, especially mid summer, but your chart is telling me an entirely different story. 

You might be wanting to spend quite a bit more time alone with your thoughts. You might want to go on long bike rides and spend time in nature collecting your thoughts. There might be so much going on in your head that trying to communicate it would be too difficult. And you know what? You’re right on track, Virgo, because Mercury is going Retrograde in your 12thhouse, which means you’re getting a download about your unconscious right now. And that’s quite a lot to try and process. So take your time with it. Take breaks. And trust that you’re going to move through this just fine. You’ll be back to the regular routine quite soon. I promise. 


You’re full of ideas right now, Libra, but no place to put them. You might be more interested in studying and learning than in interacting with people, but that’s exactly what you must do right now. Any inspiration you have for new projects needs to be filtered through conversation with others, just to make sure they resonate and will take off.

The transit right now can give you lots of inspiration, but a bit of detachment and so the things you visualize might not make sense for the world around you. Kind of like when you imagine inventing this marvelous new toy for children that can be created sustainably, only to find out wooden toys have been around for centuries. Do a check with loved ones. Talk out your ideas now. You’ll be very glad for the feedback.


You really don’t need to try too hard babe. You are not measured by how much you help others, how much you accomplish, how big your paycheck is, or how many friends you have on social media. No matter how focused you are on proving that you are a success, you’re never going to convince the person who really needs to see your worth: you. 

I don’t need to tell you this twice but trying too hard just isn’t a good look on you. So, take a step back and think on what got you to this place. What moved you off your center and made you feel like you needed to do all this extra work just to reassure yourself that you’re the boss? That’s what we should really be working on this week boo.


Scattered thoughts this week, sag. Your mental focus is highly likely to be completely shot this week, as you’re interested in developing a new way of interpreting everything going on around you, and in turn are probably trying to do a bit too much. I know you’ve been going through a lot of changes and really want to make sense of it all, but you don’t need to be a master of anything right now. 

All you really need is to develop a better understanding of yourself and how your life impacts those around you. Stay grounded in the reality happening right now, instead of all the possibilities around you. You can definitely use the inspiration of this week to start studying something new, just don’t let it take over your life.


Oh, I see the intensity spiking this week, Cap. Take care not to play in to some of the self-deprecating narratives you have about your own worth and story. You are not defined by whether you have a loving partner, large circle of devoted friends, perfect relationships with your co-workers, and a great relationship with the fam. 

These all may be things you want, and you are perfectly capable of getting them, but only if you stop with the stories about how you’re never going to get it. You’re literally just perpetuating the story you have about yourself when you continue to say that you’ll never find that partner, your friends don’t really get you, your co-workers don’t gel, or your family isn’t supportive. Focus on the positive. Focus on how much you’ve changed and grown over the last few years, and how loving the people around you are. You are capable and worthy of finding the support and love you crave right now, but first: you have to believe it. And then act from that belief. 


There’s some new developments in your personal life, and it’s causing quite a bit of stress. You’re trying to balance out what you want to do with what the new boo / date / friend wants to do, and you’re really unsure how to create that balance. Here’s the thing—you don’t have to take it on.

It’s not up to you whether everything works out smoothly or not, and its ok for you to communicate what you’re up for and then see where the other person is at. You can’t anticipate how anyone else is going to react to some info you need to communicate, but you can take responsibility for speaking up. So do so. Clearly, decisively, and with intention. It’s going to be fine.


Be careful this week Pisces. Mercury goes retrograde in the house of work relationships, so it might get a little hairy with the co-workers or boss. The problem of course, is going to be communication styles. Whether you’re super into what you’re doing at work, or trying real hard to escape the workplace, you’re paying a little too much attention to whether people like you or not at work. You’re just trying too hard.

Don’t worry so much about how the conversation from last week went with the colleague. Let go the past anxieties about whether you were going to get hired for the new full-time position. Trust that you’re doing a good job because you’re putting your best foot forward and trying your best. That’s really all that anyone can ask of you, including the toughest critic in the room right now: yourself. 

Celia Sagastume

Celia Sagastume is a first generation trans latinx babe living in the in Bay Area, California. With a master's degree in social cognition, and an astrology practice that's been active for 7 years, Sagas combines keen research and scientific inquiry with astrological intuition and resonance. For daily astrology posts, personal readings, or birth chart reports, visit astrosagas.com

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