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Weekly Horoscope: July 29th – August 4th

Weekly Horoscopes July 29 to Aug 4

New Moon in Leo.

What a month! This last week of July contains one final lunation for this short period: The New Moon in Leo. This is a time when we integrate all the new energy around us and finally get to move forward. We were working with the Cancer/ Capricorn axis, finding the balance between our goals and direction, and our internal emotional life and struggles. Mercury finally goes direct this week, after having been in retrograde all month. Endeavor to move forward with all the material that came up this summer. Remember balance. Remember grace. Remember to read your horoscope.


The full circle lesson for this eclipse season for you is that you don’t need to change a thing. You are not too much, you are not not enough, you are not wrong, and you are not destined to be a loner. You are a marvelous instrument of change and transformation in this realm, and those that are able to share in your experience are so lucky to have your presence in their lives. 

You don’t need to water yourself down for anyone. Walk with confidence and grace rooted in self-compassion. Remember that those that can appreciate your energy will be called into your life, and those that can’t should be let go smoothly. You are worth more than worrying over people who can’t handle your vibe. You are here to move things.


Now you can see clearly how your past relationships have impacted the present ones, but they don’t need to influence the future any longer. You’ve been working on releasing your own feelings of hurt and under-appreciation in your life this month and have probably come to realize how much of it was in your head, and not actually occurring in the present. 

That’s ok. Just get right now. Learn to let go of the past joyfully. Remember that what has transpired cannot be changed, but what comes next is entirely your own choice. Live in the present moment, full of everything you have learned from the past. Let go of your worries about what the future will bring. You are more than ready to meet it.


You talk a lot Gemini. It’s what you’re known for. But do you ever speak to what’s really going on in your mind and heart? Communication can be used as a form of entertainment, a way to escape the reality of the present moment, a fun distraction. You can use it to pick up random facts about the universe, learn what the latest trends are, know what parties are good this week. 

But you can also use it to speak to the heart of the matter, lean into some care, receive support from those who care. How often do you let that happen? Mercury is going direct this week girl, which means your powers of communication are back. Choose to use them for the good of your heart. You need to feel seen.


You would be surprised at the power of your own mind. When you think I’ll always be scrounging for money, I’m not good enough for that job, or I don’t feel like going for it, you shoot yourself in the leg, every time. I know y’all like to wallow in your feelings and take your time, but, come on! I know you know you deserve better right now. 

Stop letting your emotional lethargy get in the way of your blessings. You will have ample opportunity to make a new and more enriching start right now, but you have to build yourself up to receive it. Think I’ve got this, that time has past, and I have grown so much for that experience instead.


Ohhh, watch out! This New Moon is yours, babe, and you are sure to feel that vibe quite strongly. The cosmos are aligning in your first house at the end of this month, so you are one of the ones who can benefit from all the strategic planning of the Cancer/Capricorn lunar eclipse season the most. 

But, do be careful with all those energetic frequencies dear Leo. You are sure to be fired up and ready to deliver a few cosmic blows now that you’re feeling good and riding high. Make sure to use this energy in your best interest, to build yourself up, not just tear people down. The impulse will be there—resist it.


You know what, Virgo? During the Leo New Moon it becomes very apparent to me that the highest expression of your careful approach to life and focus on details is in spiritual pursuits. I’m serious! Especially you Virgos that think all of this astrology cosmos talk is a bunch of trendy BS, you would do so well if you found your own spiritual calling. 

With all the focus you’ve had on your self-worth in relation to others this month, it’s time to take a break and tune back into yourself. Your deepest self. The most profound part of yourself that you can connect to. Take a step deeper in your meditation practice this week. Try a yoga class. Go back to the breathing exercises. Whatever you do that can tap you back into the divine, take it. This is your moment to make the most of your spiritual practice and to find peace by focusing on the larger perspective. 


You’ve been working towards cultivating your own individuality and resonance with self over others this month Libra, and it pays off at the end of the lunar eclipse cycle. Now you can step out on your own, deliver your own ideas, and watch them flourish. 

After waiting so long to step out on your own, you may feel angry or resentful at the people in your life who may seem to be holding you back. But don’t let their limited view of reality get in the way of your path right now. Don’t get angry, get even. Show those people who have put you down, expected less, and made you feel small just what you’re actually capable of. Move right past those limitations, and never look back. You’re bigger than that.


You’ve cleared up a lot of emotional baggage this month Scorpio, and I see you stepping into that next level in your career, now. With patience, compassion, and temperance, you should take this week to plant the seeds for your next big money move. 

And believe me, the vibe is ripe for this new venture! Have trust in the universe to meet your needs and satisfy your goals. You are definitely on the right path, as long as you have done the work. Don’t be afraid to dream big now and reach for your goals. Just make sure you’ll be able to handle success when it comes your way. There’s a lot of new responsibilities ahead. 


Ah, the end of eclipse season means the end of all the worrying about where your life is headed. You’ve put in a call with the universe at the solar eclipse asking for financial help, you’ve worked on letting go of the institutions and rituals that gave you stability in the past, and now you can look to the present, dreaming of the future. 

It’s time to place your faith and trust in the universe to do its work, and to focus on staying present and whole in the moment. Remember that there are forces at work much larger than you can comprehend, and you’re being worked on by them right now. Your life is expanding and transforming in a beautiful way that is going to support a higher expression of self. All you need right now is trust. 


Finally, some relief from all the focus on your future endeavors, Capricorn! This week your focus will pivot from your relationships and future to the past. Someone from that time will come right back to remind you of just how much you disliked their presence then, and still do now.

But, it’s ok, babe. They’re only showing up to remind you of how much you’ve grown since then. You no longer have to allow people to get up in your business and shift your mood. There is no reason to let this person under your skin again. Just let it slide off you like cheap lipstick on a hot day. You don’t have time for that.


So, what kind of relationship would you like to have? What kind of partner would actually best support your vibe and future?  What collaboration best expresses your creativity and drive?

You have the chance to phone it in this week, so you better step up and take it. Recognize when the opportunity strikes to build a new partnership this week, and gauge whether you want it to manifest right now. Do you have time to start a new relationship? Is this person really going to fulfill your needs? Take a deep breath and choose what’s in your heart. You won’t go wrong as long as you let your intuition and heart guide you. 


Work it out, Pisces! I feel like the waters have been especially tough on your heart with all this lunar energy going around, and you need to ground yourself in something real. Take the opportunity to focus on your literal material and bodily health this week, instead of getting lost in the swirl of feelings, intuition, and vibe. 

You don’t need to try and figure out why you feel the urge to get some acupuncture this week or join a gym: just roll with it. It’s really the New Moon hitting your house of body and health, with Mercury going direct towards that vibe as well. Sometimes the best way to work through an existential crisis is by working it out on the dance floor. Whatever physical practice you choose, make sure to go hard and let your worries go. You need it.

Celia Sagastume

Celia Sagastume is a first generation trans latinx babe living in the in Bay Area, California. With a master's degree in social cognition, and an astrology practice that's been active for 7 years, Sagas combines keen research and scientific inquiry with astrological intuition and resonance. For daily astrology posts, personal readings, or birth chart reports, visit astrosagas.com

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