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Weekly Horoscope: July 22nd – 28th, 2019

Happy Leo Season!

The first week of Leo is marked by the continuing Mercury Retrograde and an intense meeting of Pluto and Venus at the beginning of the week. We’re working through some ish right now in order to get right for the better half of the year. Venus and Pluto will probably bring up an intense situation you’ll have to work out with a loved one. But it’s all in your best interest, babe. You’re going to be fine, just read your horoscope for the update. 😘


The energy will shift by the end of the week, when Venus moves into your fifth house of fun and creativity, but you may need to go through another bout with your feels first. I feel like you’re trying to figure out how to move forward without pissing anyone off anymore, and you’re spending a lot of time going over what you could do better in order to avoid all the problems. I love you for that, Aries. It’s a noble cause, especially for the tribe of Aries, which is known for being shit starters. 

But you know what? Reputations aside, it’s not that you are instigating around you, it’s just that by being bold, boundless, and beautiful, you threaten people who feel safe, limited, and secure. It can’t be helped. Try as you may to keep the peace, just figure out how to make the peace within yourself. Trust your courage. Trust your heart. You’re doing the best you can, and you can’t expect yourself to be able to anticipate which moves are going to feel hard for the people around you. But you can show up to smooth the edges after—and that’s all that’s really needed right now.


If there’s a sharp conflict of interest this week between you, your fam, or your loved ones, know that you can resolve it simply by being honest about what you’ve been holding back. You may think that these folks are coming at you with some harsh vibes, but really, you’re the one getting hurt by a pattern that’s been on repeat for too long, and now you’re acting out. 

Take a look at what comes up this week to be resolved between you and your loved ones – especially siblings, neighbors, or your boo – on the 22nd. Instead of creating some story about how they don’t get or appreciate you, why don’t you try explaining what’s going on for you on a deeper scale? This fight may be about the tone they took with you over text message, but it’s actually about how they react every time you try to communicate a concern. Talk about that instead.


Ok, so this is the last week that you’re going to spend money that you don’t have in order to feel good about your life, girl. Venus has been in your second house showering you with desires for plush settings, fabulous furs, new bedsheets, and fancy restaurant bills. We are about to be done! But first—one last conflict about your spending with someone you love. I know right, sometimes I’m just full of charm and good news. 

This fight may be about whose turn it is to pay for the lyft ride home, but it’s actually about feeling imbalanced in the relationship and how much you’re spending. Talk about that instead. Realize that a lot of the anxiety is actually about how much you’ve been spending, in general, instead of just how much you’re spending on this relationship, in specific. By the end of the week, Venus will be in the third house and the amazon shopping will be complete, as will your new wardrobe. Congrats!


It’s ok Cancer, you really really don’t need to have it all figured out right now—if ever. So instead of spending three weeks going over your entire life path and trying to divine the reasons for every change that’s been happening lately, lean into some trust. There is sure to be some misfire between you and your boo, dates, or collaborators this week, as you’ve been feeling especially impatient and that can lead to some thoughtlessness on your part.

Just know that the harder you are on yourself, the worse things will go. You’re not going to discipline yourself into self-knowing and grounding this week,  so cut that critic voice out. What you need is some soft, slow, patience for yourself. This agitation with where you are and how dissatisfied you are is coming up so you can make the changes that need to be made. But not quickfire, shooting from the hip. More slow and thoughtful, like water following the path out to sea. 


Happy Birthday Leo! This is that start of your season, and despite all the fanfare and surprise parties you have surely planned for yourself, your thoughts will turn inward this week. Last year was quite a tumultuous year full of high highs and low lows and I feel you moving forward but with much more deliberate steps this week.

It’s the perfect time to reflect on all the drama and development and look forward to what you would like to manifest for the next year of your life. Take a break from the party and go on a walk. Think about your birthday last year, what you loved, what you hated, and what could have gone better. Start it off right this year by inviting only what you love and loves you back in return. This is going to be a girl year, girl, and you deserve to give yourself all the right type of energy you want to invite, now that you know what the wrong type can do for your heart. 


No matter how much time you spend thinking and re-thinking those plans girl, the key to moving forward is to act on them. I love you Virgo, and your attention to detail is unparalleled and much needed in this world of chaos, but there is one area where I need you to back off: your future. There is no way for you to know what’s going to happen, exactly, when you step off the path you’ve been following and walk into the jungle with a nothing but a machete and a light bulb. 

But that’s what you must do now if you’re going to find any sort of happiness on this realm. Look around you. So many people are stepping off the well-worn paths and finding happiness in completely new realities right now, because even though the world is in chaos, that also means that many opportunities and doorways have been opened. And now is your time to step in. Not with a perfect plan of action, but with trust. It’s your light bulb. And the only thing you need to light the way.


Who are you trying to impress, Libra? Is it your overbearing parents who don’t understand the career you’ve chosen, your boo whom you think is more successful than you are, the friends who are making more money, or the voice that whispers sweet nothings of criticisms and failures before you go to bed? I’m going to vote on the latter. 

You’re never going to feel satisfied with any amount of achievement you can pile up until you figure out what you truly value. Not the value that you can show to others and point to and say, “See! I HAVE been working hard!’ But that value you can feel in your own heart, emanating from your solar plexus and filling you with golden glow of resonance. Nobody can give you that through praise or admiration. But you can give that to yourself through learning how to notice the intrinsic value present in every moment around you. All you have to do is notice it.


You want a teacher so bad, yet you will only accept the guidance of the wisest, most all-knowing person you can find. And even then, you won’t truly listen unless they say something that agrees with what you want to hear. It’s not a good position be in, because it will, of course, lead to dissatisfaction. You might as well just write down whatever it is that you want to hear from the heavens right now and say it to yourself. 

In fact, that’s exactly what you should do right now. 

You looking for a sign is a sign, girl. Stop trying to find someone who will confirm what you already know in your heart is true, and instead trust your own vision. Trust your own voice. Trust your own message. It’s already all the sign you need. 


You may have to take on more debt than you’d like to this week. A house you own is going to need repairs, the bike you use for work needs a tune up, or you’re about to get a job interview but need to buy new clothes because you haven’t updated the wardrobe in a while. Yes, this will be annoying because yes, I know that you’ve been experiencing some restriction on the income lately. 

But take a look at all my examples. Each one of them is some money you spend in order to move forward on an investment. And that’s what needs to happen this week. You need to invest in yourself in order to move forward. So take that chance. It’s like gambling on your own ability to make something better for yourself. And if you can’t bet on you, then what can you count on? 


Your time of high anxiety and indecisiveness is almost over dear Cap. But first, a reminder that you’re working on balance. I know you must be tired of your own nervousness about whether you’re saying the right thing, making the right decisions, or creating the right contacts for yourself, so I’m here to tell you that this moment shall pass. 

You’re just in a process of learning how to balance your ideas with the energy available from those around you, that’s all. What you must realize is that what’s needed from you right now is teamwork. Group effort. Cooperation. So when that colleague tells you that they’re spent and can’t work on the project anymore, it’s 10 pm on a Saturday and you’re still editing manuscripts, or you’re up all night the day before a date and show up looking all haggard, you’ll get the memo. Slow down, and take people into account. You’ll be so much better for it. 


I see your frustrations at work Aquarius, and they’re manifesting as health-related issues now. Your body is literally trying to tell you that things are not going well, and instead you keep on trucking, migraines, back pain, and neck injuries galore. And you know what? That is your call, girl. The goddess is not raining stress down on your parade. You just have to learn when to say no.

Aquarius is known as the forever volunteer and helper of the zodiac, so when someone asks you for help, it’s hard for you to give a hard no. But the more you take on from people around you, the less energy you have to work on your own projects. And therein lies the stress. So just say no when you’re stretched. Say no when you’re nervous. Say no when you’re feeling hurt. And save yourself the stress headache later when you’re sad you missed the deadline to apply for the art residency program because you were too busy working on someone else’s project. 


If things have been feeling stagnant on the personal level, take a look at how much you’re insulating yourself in order to protect your energy, dear Pisces. You’re due for a shake up from some new relationships in your life, and you really should let that happen sooner rather than later. You may be afraid that old patterns of relating are going to repeat themselves but trust me: you’re a different person now. So even if the same pattern comes up again, you are going to be able to handle it differently, and that makes all the difference. 

Take my advice and say yes to having a coffee with the unknown. Allow that charismatic new acquaintance to show you that restaurant downtown. Say yes to the colleague that has an idea for a collaboration. Make a new connection that will expand your current creative path. The more you try to stay safe and insulated, the more the stagnation will build up inside of you. So let it go, girl. Explore. You need to right now. 

Celia Sagastume

Celia Sagastume is a first generation trans latinx babe living in the in Bay Area, California. With a master's degree in social cognition, and an astrology practice that's been active for 7 years, Sagas combines keen research and scientific inquiry with astrological intuition and resonance. For daily astrology posts, personal readings, or birth chart reports, visit astrosagas.com

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