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Weekly Horoscope: 8/12/2019 – 8/18/2019

Weekly Horoscopes - August 12 - 18

We have now come through Cancer season, the Mercury Retrograde, and the Jupiter retrograde, arriving at the last half of 2019. The energy and drive to move forward arrive once again, pushing us towards elevation, inspiration, and the confidence needed in order to prepare for 2020, the year that will see the greatest changes in consciousness yet. How will you prepare? And what can you start building on this week? Mars in Virgo and the Full Moon in Aquarius will push you towards integration that catalyzes your role within your community.


You owe yourself the dedication and trust in the road you are taking. There are times in your life when things expand around you at an alarming rate, when you seem to be growing and changing without any clear sense of where life may be taking you. You are one of the only signs capable of this type of change, because your inherent trust in your ambition pushes you into spaces few would dare to enter.

Take the time to recognize that you are a source of inspiration to many. Because of the intensity of your love, the power of your vision, and the glory of your achievements, you are able to push forward the line of what we believe we are capable of. Regain the ability to see the mountain peaks you have already reached, instead of those left to go before you. Appreciate your struggle for self-determination in light of the gifts it brings not only to you, but to those in your life who you care for and fight for. Your path is worth more than just what you yourself are able to create. Recognize your influence now.


Look to your family, your ancestral heritage, the lineage and stories you have inherited. That is where you will find the inspiration to keep thriving under the enormous pressure and added ambivalence you feel to renew your vows to your life’s work.

You seek grounding and stability, yet need to access flexibility and openness. The way to achieve this state is through trust and understanding of your narrative. Listen to the stories of your ancestors. Talk to your family, to your elders, to your community guides and ancestors. You need to hear the stories of the strength of character and integrity that kept your family alive in times of struggle. Recognize the strategies they took to bring you here, on this Earth, in this moment. Trust that within you lies the same strength. Access it now.


The only thing you are really losing right now is your mistrust in the people around you. While its true that you are open, kind, engaging, and fun to all that you meet, it is also true that you keep your true self hidden from most around you. You do not trust that anyone wants to hear about the difficulty, pain, struggle, and chaos you are now facing.

And yet, it is through this pain that you will find real community and true friendship. Those who will actually help you through this time of struggle will be able to hold your story and meet your heart. They are already among you, those friends and loved ones who share your journey and recognize the trouble you are having finding your footing right now. All you have to do is accept the helping hand that is already stretched out towards you, offering you a way out. You don’t have to move through this on your own. Help is already here for you.


You will find the answer you need to hear when you listen to the message already held in your heart. At every crossroad, at every intersection, at every moment of anxiety and overwhelm, you have the possibility of tuning into your own body and listening to its message. Trust the voice coming from the beat of your own heart. Listen to the guidance of the wisdom older than your mind, older than your experience, older than your fear.

You have been convinced by this society that your values and your way of being are wrong. That the proper order and path through this darkness is by listening to the analytical mind, the rational thought, and the objective truth.

But you have a power far beyond this limited view of reality, and it lies, somewhat dormant, and somewhat quiet, deep within the well of your being. Let that voice get stronger this week. Trust in the courage of your own emotional responses. You already know what the right way through is, and you do not need any more proper guidance but your own.


Your play is sacred.

The joy you find in everyday occurrences, the way your heart sings when you find a new game, the vibrance with which you meet the creative force of the universe: these are your gifts. These are your blessings. These are the necessary skills for revolution you bring to the table.
Do not doubt the importance of meeting life with the courage of a heart full of light. Many of us need your laughter in times of pain, to remind us of the vibrance and joy the universe itself has to offer through enlightened connection with life.

Remember the importance of your play this week, when you are tempted to deny the power of vibrance in light of more “serious” and “important” matters. While it is true that there is much on your plate, it is also true that you must always make time for play. It is a necessary expression of appreciation for the blessing of being alive in this realm. Do it for us.


Pay attention to the structure of life right now. Is it aligned with your spirit? Do you feel fulfilled, in the right place, at the right time?

Right now is the time to make sure your expression of self in the world is aligned with the motivation and inspiration that emanates from your heart. This is the window of opportunity in which you are being given time to reflect on all that you have created in the world, and all that you wish to see for your lifetime.

Is this it? Or do you have more to explore, more to offer, and more to devote yourself to? It’s time to stop making easy decisions and safe choices, and instead, allow the reality of your vision to freely flow from within you. Trust that it is time for you to align your work with your heart. Follow that vision.


Yes, this is the time to communicate your intentions with the people in your life that will be affected by your upcoming transition. Trust yourself, and trust what you are seeing unfold in front of you right now — this is the path your life is taking, and this change in direction will affect the people in your life that have gotten used to things staying the same.

You can deliberate for as long as you like, but the truth is that your life is already moving in a new direction, guided by what brings you joy and lifts your spirit. It’s not really up to you—you are just recognizing the new developments as they come to pass. Let those in your life know what’s going on, so they’re not left in dark as you continue down this path—they’ll be able to support you if they know what’s happening.


The sacrifices you have to make today will ensure that vision you have for tomorrow will come into fruition, dear Scorpio. There will be some loss at this time because of the journey you are taking right now to find your true vocation and purpose. The day-to-day experiences may be less than comfortable this week, but truly, what you are losing is nothing in comparison to what you have to gain during this time.

Despite the pain and despite the heartache, know that what is being reformed right now will benefit your development for many years to come. You are being asked to step into your role here with the courage to expose your true self. You are losing the masks you have put on to protect your wounded self; you are gaining authenticity.


The veil is lifted, the fog rolls out, and your new path lies before you. You are being given unrestricted freedom of movement once again through the field of development, free of the entanglements of interpersonal drama, emotional turmoil, and economic setbacks.

The freedom that comes with the end of a tumultuous chapter must be followed with integration of the lesson you have learned during your time of challenge. Remember that you were held back for a reason — there was something missing from your path that needs to be integrated now. Do not settle for the same routine and pattern that you found safety and comfort in before. Do not strive for the same life as the one that has been yanked away.

You must forge a new path now, one that truly resonates with what brings you passion and with what challenges you to grow.


Your motivation becomes clear this week, as new developments in your life resonate with your true calling and purpose. Alignment is possible when you find grounding, not in things staying the same, but with allowing flexibility and transformation to become places of comfort. Recognize that the changes in your life are creating positive energetic developments now.

The key to finding comfort in this time is developing a new set of ideals by which to structure your decisions. The concrete values of your old way of life have to be replaced with new beliefs centered on your own capacity to change and transform.


Grant yourself the peace you are looking for in relationships by letting go of your defensiveness.

Now is the time to move through your anxieties about self-worth and accept the love and vibrance being offered to you by those who treasure your presence. You don’t need to change anything about you in order to find resonance with those who truly value your friendship and can offer understanding and compassion. All you need is to recognize that you already have it and accept the offering.

Feel into the place within you that is convinced you are not worthy of receiving the kind of love you desire. Question the belief that lies there. What action would you have to take in order to be worthy? What accomplishment must you reach before you will feel at peace?


All the time and energy you have been pouring into the development of yourself will pay off now. You no longer need to worry about whether you are doing enough, striving enough, or developing enough: in this moment, you have arrived at a plateau. The class has finished, the training has ended, and you are now on the precipice of applying your new skills.

Give yourself the compassion and grace necessary in order to thrive in your new endeavor. You will only grow stronger and more well-versed in your practice as you allow yourself to build confidence in your work. You already know enough in order to succeed. All that is needed now is the belief and confidence in your practice.

Celia Sagastume

Celia Sagastume is a first generation trans latinx babe living in the in Bay Area, California. With a master's degree in social cognition, and an astrology practice that's been active for 7 years, Sagas combines keen research and scientific inquiry with astrological intuition and resonance. For daily astrology posts, personal readings, or birth chart reports, visit astrosagas.com

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