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Weekly Astro: September 9th – 15th, 2019

Celia Sagastume in SF

Full Moon in Pisces will bring up some deep feels.

This week poses some difficulties that may arise between you and the people you care about, so take care and take things in stride. Mars faces many challenges this week, which means your agency and energetic drive may feel stifled or locked in by limitations and boundaries. Actions that come from a place of defensiveness or inflated sense of importance will be met with setbacks this week. 

Our culture is full of all things internet: social media, likes and comments, and view counts. Everything is focused on building up the ego. But Pisces represents the ideals that exist beyond the scope of this small world. It’s better to take things slow and approach the Full Moon in Pisces, at the end of this week, with a commitment to self-exploration.


September 8th and 9th are wonderful days to put into practice the inspiration you gained from that new inspiration you gained last week. Someone inspired you, moved you into a new place, or showed you a new way of doing things. On these days, both Mars, your ruling planet, and Mercury, the master organizer, pay special attention to your career path. Take the opportunity to make some changes in light of the new vision you have.

The last few days before the big shift in energy that is centered around the Full Moon in Pisces bring you the check you need in order to balance all that drive. While we have spent the first few weeks building up your career and ambitions, bringing in new connections, and tuning into inspiration, in order to make it real we have to test it out in the real world. This moment comes in right before the Full Moon—with Mars making challenging connections to both Jupiter and Neptune. While September 8th and 9th are wonderful days to move ahead with plans, September 12th is not.

Take care not to overextend yourself, take on more projects that you can handle, or let your optimism get the best of you. This day could look like some difficulties with your boss or manager at work over some deadlines that you forgot to meet because you were preoccupied with your own plans. It could also be a cold wake up call in the form of a rejection on a project you were sure couldn’t fail. Either way, there will be setbacks today—take it in stride and try not to leave any hard decisions for this day. 

September 14th is a game changer moment. This marks the mid-month shift in energy and a complete redirect from what you were working on at the beginning of the month. Where the first half of the month was full of career planning, ambition, and cautious growth, the second half is about seeking balance and reciprocity in relating with others. Not the easiest hand for an Aries to play, but a necessary lesson, nonetheless. 

The Full Moon in Pisces will be a time to reconcile the past hurts with the present reality. There is pain that has been building up in your subconscious from previous encounters with others. This could be romantic, professional, friendly, or otherwise—the focus will be on how you handled yourself throughout the situation. 

Now is the time to forgive yourself for any mistakes you made and forgive those in your life who put up roadblocks when you needed comfort. Pisces can hold grudges against those who don’t act in the way they think people should. Stop holding yourself and those around you to standards no one can meet. Accept the messy human mistakes so that you can emerge from this lunation brighter, lighter, and ready to create deeper intimacy between you and your loved ones.


This week, we prepare for the Full Moon in Pisces on the 14th. In the days leading up to this lunation, you may experience some dissonance over your personal goals and your integrity to your values. This is coming up for you now as a reminder to stay committed to the true intentions behind your work. 

Any opportunity for progress that appears on September 12th or 13th should be carefully negotiated. You do not need to reject outright whatever comes up, but you should not agree either. Say “maybe” and wait until after the Full Moon in Pisces, when the exact circumstances of such a deal should be made clear. You need all the facts before moving forward. 

The Full Moon on the 14th brings newfound hope into your work and supportive connections for your projects. You have been working very hard on yourself in the last few years, learning the rules of the game you are trying to play, and figuring out how to make the most of your chosen career path. On this day, your effort will be recognized by someone who can really make a difference. Pay attention, and bridge that connection. This person will prove enlightening on whatever opportunity appeared on the 12th

The days after the full moon in Pisces will feel like a shift change, and that’s because it is. The Full Moon is followed by many planets entering your house of work, and while the first half of the month was full of relationship work and opportunities for creativity, the second half will be about grinding out the details of all your planning. 

After you figure out whether or not you want to take on the opportunity that arose on 12th, you will be spending this week negotiating the details and getting to work. With new contracts or responsibilities, your time and energy need adjustment. You may be focusing more now on certain projects that need to be finished, and relationships and romantic connections may take a back seat this week as your work takes the wheel. 

This week may also see you taking a short trip out of town in order to take care of some business—you may be called back to finish negotiations and tie up loose ends. Saturn in your 9th house goes direct on September 18th, and you are beginning a new chapter now. The remnants of the old life go out to make space for the new. 


Whatever the news may be will be made clear by the weeks’ end on September 8th, when Mercury makes a trine to Pluto, signaling that this change will be difficult, yet necessary, for your personal development. While opening up your home to a new influence is uncomfortable and you are not necessarily ready to offer that space, doing so will open up new avenues of resource and connection for yourself, and you should take this into consideration. 

The approach to the Full Moon in Pisces on the 14th is primed by Venus conjunct Mercury on the 13th. Mercury is your ruling planet, and you’re much more sensitive to the relationships this planet makes than most. With Venus and Mercury in perfect union on the 13th, this is an excellent day for making amends. 

If you’ve been asked to open yourself up to someone you didn’t want to forgive, have invited a new person into your home, or have made some changes to your space, you will find the benefits to those changes manifesting for you on the 13th. Take note to appreciate the expansiveness of new and supportive energy that comes from the generosity of spirit you have been able to offer. 

This should directly impact your experience of the Full Moon in Pisces on the following day, September 14th.  If you have made the changes asked of you, then you will benefit the most from this Full Moon in your 10thhouse of career and ambitions. It’s absolutely true that you can only grow from a space that is adequately supportive and caring, and it is also true that you only receive as much energy as you graciously put out in the world. 

This will be most apparent on the Full Moon of September 14th, when the changes you have made at the beginning of this month will generate new opportunities for you in your career. Either that family member that needed support knows someone in the business that can connect you with the right people, or your generosity has inspired changes in the workplace. Either way, look out for this day: you should enjoy a new and promising opportunity. 

Your inspiration and creativity will know no bounds after this day, especially on September 14th, 15th, and 16th. These are your special days for creativity, abundance, and magic. If you want to get out of town after all the changes at home, this would be the time to take a break and go somewhere quiet, where you can really listen and tune in to what inspires you. 


This week has some intrigue in the career sector: Thursday’s Full Moon in Pisces is mediated by a square between Mars and Jupiter in your 6th house on September 12th: serious career moves are indicated here. 

The Mars-Jupiter square can be very fortunate for you, as long as you don’t get too ahead of yourself. With the energetic Mars meeting expansion and optimism in Jupiter, it’s easy to think you can have it all, but the truth is you only have a set amount of energy to use, ever. With Mars and Jupiter acting in tandem, you may be tempted to sign a new contract or take on a new job that has a bit more responsibility and commitment attached to it than you can currently handle. 

Make sure to take this day with ease. Slow and steady building does the trick. If you get an offer for a new position or job opportunity on or around September 14th, take a few days to consider how this change will impact you. If you find yourself moved to defend certain ideas or try to convince someone to see things your way, take a breather. It’s not worth the energy. 


You’ll be able to tap into what truly inspires you and accept nothing less than what gives you enough money, while not exhausting your energy. 

The time will come to do something about it on the following week, with Mars square Jupiter on the 12th leading you into the Full Moon in Pisces on the 14th. Be very careful on the days leading up to this Full Moon! The Mars- Jupiter connection is going fire up your inspiration and feeling of entitlement. And it is absolutely important to feel into this vibe. You are absolutely worth all of the bank, but in order to gain it , you have to know how to play the game. 

Mars’ feisty energy is expanded by Jupiter, and you may find yourself in a heated situation if you’re not careful. The situation can go so much smoother if you turn on the charm—especially if you’re confronting an issue on the 12th with a loved one. Remember that easy does it. You are totally within your right to advocate for yourself, but just remember that your Leo charm goes a heck of a way longer than your Leo fight. 

The Full Moon on the 14th is powerful for you, especially if you’ve been dealing with loss or grief. Neptune has been transiting your 8th house for a while, and this means you’ve been stripped of some of the foundations that you used to hold so dear. 

This Full Moon is a time to reconnect with that pain and notice how much that loss has shifted who you are—what you value, and what you spend your time on. Grief is a powerful motivator for change, especially the kind of change that just creeps up on you so slowly that you don’t realize you’re moving, until one day you look back realize how far you’ve come. Today is that day.

This full moon will also help you transition into an easier time for the second half of the month. It’s almost like that powerful emotional moment is a full stop for you on the work front. If you’d like to make some changes to your money flow, the time to do it is before this Full Moon. After that, the attention will turn to more emotional matters, as you integrate the feels. 

Compassion will overtake you after this powerful Full Moon. Both Mercury and Venus move into Libra now, which is your third house of communication and integration. With both of these planets moving in sync, your mind is influenced by your generosity of spirit. You gain a lot of power from your ability to bring people together, Leo, and this is your moment to focus on that gift. 

Share your appreciation and affection for every single person who has held you through your long and storied journey, especially the romantic partners that have supported you through this time. The weekend of September 14th-16th will be an excellent time to take a mini vacation with a loved one(s) and show how much you appreciate their care. Be vocal, be communicative, share your love of love. 


We enter the second week of September looking forward to the Full Moon in Pisces on the 14th, which for you will be all about kicking the romance and self-love into high gear. That weekend you just had was the appetizer for your entrée. We’re here to make some sparks fly. 

September 12th-13th will have you clearing negative energy from your home space and family life, should there be any. You are making the space for a deeper connection with the divine now—make sure you are clear of any difficulty where you stand. Your home should be a sanctuary, and your family – chosen or otherwise—should have your back. 

As you finalize the proper setting for your Full Moon during the week, she arrives on the 14th, ready to kick you onto a new gear. Now is the time to notice how people are showing up in your life—especially those you live with and share intimate space with. You and I are both assuming this is romantic, but it could also just as easily be difficult. Your enemies are also just as close as your loved ones. Astrology makes no distinction between different forms of intimacy. 

What you’ll learn at this time is how the energy you are giving out into the world is being received. You need a clear picture of the situation, no romance, no BS. Are the connections you are building now sustainable, or have you gotten into a relationship that won’t hold you when you need it the most? Fortunately, or unfortunately, you’re bound to get a clear answer.

After this weekend, we can kick it into a lower gear. As you settle into whatever configuration pleases you most with your kin and loved ones, the planets move into Libra, your second house. After dealing with relationships and getting clear on your energetic offering, you’ll build on what you’ve gathered. 


Monday, September 9th should bring some news about a situation at home. Whether you have to deliberate a new lease, take on another housemate, or resolve conflict with someone you live with, even the best laid plans encounter trouble. It’s going to be ok—just remember to play it cool and accept the minor setback. 

The ramp up to the Pisces Full Moon on September 14th involves a few tricky sidesteps on your part. After figuring out the housing situation on the 9th, you’ll have another little problem arise on the 12th. This one might be a bit of a setback if you’re not careful. 

You’ve had Mars transiting your 12th house since August 19th, and careless words and actions can get you into trouble during this time. This might come to a head on September 12th, when this Mars gets a square from Jupiter. Jupiter inflames and expands Mars’ assertive energy, and you may find yourself overstepping your bounds and stepping on peoples’ toes without realizing it. Be careful on this day and try not to schedule any important meetings for it. I would wait till after the Full Moon to schedule. 

The Full Moon in Pisces on September 14th brings the necessary balance and perspective shift that is needed from all this tumultuous energy in your chart. Any mishaps that came up earlier this week were for a reason—you’ve got to learn to accept proper perspective. Every single decision, contract lost, or renegotiation does not necessarily mean defeat. What is your will be yours, you just have to have the patience to allow it to blossom. 

With this difficult energy behind us, we can gracefully move forward into the beginning of Libra season, and smoother relationships going forward. 


This week starts off with a wonderful opportunity for you to secure a new source of income or an increase in your salary on September 12th. Mars in your 11th house will receive an energy increase from Jupiter in your 2nd—this is all about you working with your community to raise the vibration of your resources. This is both about you recognizing how much you have to offer, and receiving a generous amount of income to meet those skills. 

On this day, which could prove very fruitful for you economically, be careful to act from a place of generosity and humility, not self-righteousness.  Trying to push your way through despite other peoples’ hesitations will prove a losing strategy. A better way to secure what you want is with charm and flexibility. Make your needs known, but don’t push it.

The Full Moon on September 14th is a about letting go of ego attachment to your work. It is true that you are accomplished, worthy, unique, and vibrant. But it also true that many people in your life are on their own journeys, also seeking actualization and resonant connection. Strive to build your confidence from the integrity of your character, not from comparisons to others. 

If you can approach your plans with grace, there is a good chance this Full Moon will bring you the opportunity to work with someone, or better yet a group of people, on a collaborative project. This will be a new application of an old skill and will provide you a new avenue for your work that you didn’t even know was available before. 


September 12th is a wonderful day for you to advocate for your vocation or make some steps towards healing your belief and trust in your ability to steer yourself down the right path. Mars in your 10th house is square Jupiter in your 1st, which can bring a lot energy your way. 

You’ve gone through a lot of changes in the last year with Jupiter in your 1st house, and you may have questioned your own judgement. But take this day as a notification from the Grand Scheme of Things: this has all been for a reason. September 12th could absolutely see you getting a new contract, work opportunity, or promotion. It’s a special day for you—just don’t get too carried away. 

Jupiter expands Mars’ energy, and the square indicates that this is easily taken too far. If you find yourself pushing for what you want or being too focused on getting your way, slow your roll. The opportunity will be yours; you just need to trust that and not try too hard for it. Let it come to you.

The Full Moon in Pisces comes right after that, on September 14th, and with it, a shift in focus for you. The first half of the month is all about you, your goals, and how you’re going to achieve those visions, but the second half is all about building up your friends and support system. 

With the Full Moon on September 14th, the focus for you will be on your family. Remember all that time you spent with them on the phone or in the home earlier this month? It’s going to really pay off now. I hope you know I use the term family very loosely- this could totally be the chosen people in your life who you connect to and have your back. More than blood. 

You’ll find that in this particular chapter of your life, you need all the support you can get. Fire signs can catch a tendency to try to do things on their own all the time, but this Full Moon is a reminder that you’re much better off working with a team. 

If you’re feeling lacking in this department, you’ll really feel it now. Despite all the work you’re trying to do right now, don’t forget your systems of support. Build more time and space in your schedule for building up your people. We are all interconnected and move together as a community. Tap in. 


Monday, September 9th will prove very interesting for you. If you’re a researcher, or involved with writing, this day could bring a new field of study that is right in line with what you’ve been working on emotionally and intuitively. You’re tapping into your personal process and using it for inspiration in your work now. 

This could also be a good day for signing a contract or taking on a new project that will incorporate your spiritual practice with your academic work. You’re really into bridging connections between the personal and the professional right now, so watch out for this day as it gives you a really good opportunity to do that. 

Later this same week, I would look out for September 12th as a day to realign your practice. Your inspiration at this time comes from recognizing that the more you develop yourself emotionally, the more you are able to give to others materially. It’s like you gain more energy from spending more time alone right now and working on yourself. 

And this is especially true on this day, when Mars is square Jupiter in your 12th house. Recognizing that you have a lot of work to do on yourself, you may be inspired to start a new therapeutic practice on this day—meditation, yoga, or a new therapist relationship. Perhaps even a spiritual practice or teacher than can help you develop a better sense of self right now. 

This is all leading up to the Full Moon in Pisces on the 14th, when you take responsibility for the environment you’re creating around you. Let go of the judgement and critique you have about your own process of development. If you look back on the past year, you’ll recognize that you’ve moved an ENTIRE MOUNTAIN in your life. But for some reason, you still feel like you haven’t done enough, like you’re just not quite where you want to be, like you need to work harder. 

Seriously? Seriously. 

Accept yourself. The only one who feels this way is you, and you can be your harshest critic. Remember that you are a reflection of the environment you create for yourself, and this includes your own self-talk. Be kind please.


The week opens up to some interesting developments in your romantic life, especially on September 4th, when Venus opposes your Neptune in the 4th house. A partner, date, or very very close friend is going to stir up some difficulty, which will have you reconsidering your resources. Perhaps they want you to move, join your finances, or invest in some new venture. Even though it seems promising, don’t take the offer. There’s more to be revealed, and you have some deliberation to do before making big jumps like that. Be careful.

Make your decision on the 13th, when Mercury conjuncts Venus, giving any conversations you’re having about commitment, loyalty, and trust a much-needed softness. Venus is a charming and beneficial planet, especially during times of heavy processing, so if you need a day when you know you have something to say that might not go over well, circle the 13th. You’ll have much more ease and grace in any given situation. 

The Full Moon on September 14th is in Pisces, which for you means a focus on your resources. Because we’re deep in relationship and transformation land with you, you may have not been spending as much time or paying as much attention to your finances as you’d like to, and now you find you’re down to your last bit of savings. No Bueno!

If this is the revelation for you on the 14th, then it’s time to start planning a way out of this hole. Take the insight from this Full Moon as some much-needed information on the state of your financial record and commit to do better by you. 


You’re not into the same kind of patterns you used to engage in, and you’re looking for new ways to connect with people and build. 

Now is the time to start evaluating who has come up in your life, and who has receded into the background due to this change in you. What kind of support are you seeking? Who is on a similar path as your own, and can help you on this journey? Which friends are ride or die, and which ones disappear when you’re in trouble? 

September 12th will be an excellent day to lean into those connections that you know are here for the long haul. Mars is square Jupiter in your 10th house on this day, meaning you can create a new project or get started on a new avenue for self-growth on this day, as long as you do it with someone. 

I’m an Aries, so I’m not usually an advocate for working in groups, but I must tell you that this month is about your cooperation with others. September 12th will be an excellent day for collaborations, so focus on who you can work with on this project and get the ball rolling. You may even have the opportunity to showcase this work for a boss or superior who has the power to lift your career. 

With this collaboration in place, we move right into the Full Moon in Pisces, your time to glow up. Even for you, soft sweet Pisces, the emphasis on working with others can feel a bit grating this month, especially with Mars in your 7th house. That’s why it’s very important that you mark this date and make sure to use it to make peace with anyone who you feel is getting in your way right now. 

Release your anger at the things you cannot control, and at how unfair it is that you have to work with others, perhaps even annoying others, right now. A Full Moon in the first house always has a way of making you feel SO empowered and SO magnificent that you cannot conceive of why you would have to deal with certain petty details from others. 

But, that’s exactly what must be done during this time. So take a deep breath, and let the frustration fall away. Perhaps even take a spa day today to release tension. 

Celia Sagastume

Celia Sagastume is a first generation trans latinx babe living in the in Bay Area, California. With a master's degree in social cognition, and an astrology practice that's been active for 7 years, Sagas combines keen research and scientific inquiry with astrological intuition and resonance. For daily astrology posts, personal readings, or birth chart reports, visit astrosagas.com

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