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Weekly Astro: August 5th – 11th, 2019

Weekly Horoscopes Cover Photo for Aug 5-11

Ah, what a week! Jupiter finally goes direct, Mercury enters Leo again, and Uranus goes retrograde, softening the intense changes signified by this planet. We’re in for a treat: this is the week where the energy of the year makes a decisive shift, and we enter the second half of the year, where we can build for 2020. Stay tuned to find out what to focus on for your best personal growth.


Ok, Aries, we’re back! You’ve been working on setting the groundwork down and getting into the groove of all the changes that have occurred this year. You got a bit of break over the summer to get all that integrated. I hope you spent the time off well, because this week the weather changes once again.

You’ve been gearing up your career and have made some solid steps in the direction that you want to be going, but have you reflected on how this new career path affects the way you show up in the world? When we take on new roles, we also take on new responsibilities, and sometimes, these have consequences for our ability to show up. This week, you’ll get a very clear message about the new role you’re supposed to take, in line with the new work you’re taking on. Some things must shift. Accept the changes gracefully — don’t be dragged by the universe like the screaming child everyone thinks we are.


You can breathe a deep sigh of relief as Uranus goes retrograde this week, a transition that’s affecting you very personally. Uranus is currently doing a transit of your sign for around the next seven years (until April 2026), and these years will be marked by quite sudden and quite huge shifts in your life. You will definitely be in a much, much different place than you were when this transit started (May 2018).

Uranus goes to sleep this week, softening this planets’ ability to jolt you into a new place unexpectedly. I know you’ll appreciate this. As Uranus goes to sleep, Jupiter wakes up, and shines upon you the chance to grow your resources through partnerships and collaborations. This is a time when you will be able to make the most of resources that you share and grow with others. Make sure to include people who want to build with you and exclude your hesitations about leaning on others. The time is ripe for you to grow, together.


Ok, so you’ve had some rough times in partnership, difficult conversations with the beloved one(s) have come up, and/or you’ve been doing the hard work of trying to figure out when and how your crazy comes up. I salute you. This is not easy work, and I shine on you the grace and congratulations of witnessing you and supporting your growth. This will be a very beneficial time for you in the long run, as you rid yourself of all these crazy thoughts and insecurities.

This week, you’ll feel a release of the pressure that has been holding you to this job. Your communication will start going much smoother, you’ll be able to enjoy the company of people you treasure, and you may even form a new connection this week, if that’s your bag. Just wait until the end of the week (August 11th) and start to notice the shift that’s taking place around you. Ease is coming your way, for you and all your relations.


Hmm. You’ve been spending a lot of time and energy trying to build up your social circle. But the problem is you’re doing it in the “Cancerian” way: through lots of energy being put towards people, lots of support being offered, and lots of time spent sitting with others’ feelings. The thing is, your friendships are supposed to be changing right now, so you don’t need to fight so hard to hold on to the ones that are slipping away.

So hold on to your hat and stomach the storm, dear soft friend, because this week a bright light will shine on your ability to connect. The key to weathering this social storm is to realize that you’re working on a new project: yourself! And your work is going to necessarily push out some folks who don’t or can’t whether the development of the new you as you outgrow your shell. But trust yourself boo, because what you should be doing is leaning into your ability to recognize unhealthy patterns and replace them with new ones.


Baby, you’ve made a big jump in your career, and now you get time to settle in and integrate. Whatever big move you made over the summer needs time to simmer and settle into a groove in your life. Take this time to get used to the changes and fully incorporate your new responsibilities and schedule into your daily life.

What you should focus on now that Jupiter starts moving direct again is cultivating time to feel joy and fun in your life again, like you used to before this grueling year got started. Remember when you could let your hair down and chase the sunset? Remember when you could dance all night with perfect strangers and not worry about a thing except the accurate degree of the booty shake? Let’s get back to that. Let’s figure out how to work hard and play hard. I promise there won’t be any new developments in the career sector after August 11th, so you have some time to play. Take it!


You’ve been working on expanding your frame of mind and becoming more flexible in your thoughts and perception of the world: no easy task for a Virgo. This is because Uranus is in your 9th house, affecting your worldview and asking you to contemplate a new way of seeing things. A lot of you have probably started seeing a therapist, working on healing, and adopting a new spiritual practice since May of 2018, when this transit started.

Starting this week, you catch a break on this development. Even when we are working on developing core inner strength and development, we need moments when we can rest and integrate. Kind of like a weightlifter who goes for the big rep and then lets their body recover from the strain. This is that week for you Virgo, so take it.


You may be getting a large push from certain close people in your life to join economic forces on a new project. I would strongly advise not to share your finances with others at this time. I don’t mean you can’t donate to someone’s GoFundMe or lend friends money — I’m talking about joint finances in partnership or business, girl. Just don’t right now.

You should instead focus on creating new contacts — widening your network and looking for new opportunities in places where you might least expect them. What you need is to develop more independence and self-support right now, instead of getting more enmeshed with others. Focus on it this week when an offer comes up — remember, you’re better of on your own financial track with this one.


Yes, now is the time to pay careful attention to how much you’re spending in order to get that new project off the ground, dear Scorpio. Jupiter awakens in your second house of resources, and if we know anything about this super expansive planet, it’s that the expansion can go both ways. You could be spending this time generating more money for your projects, linking up with new opportunities, and finessing the hell out of the network you’ve built.

Or you could be internet shopping, buying more business cards but not more business contacts, and spending way too much time worrying about your hair instead of your presentation. Be careful! You really want to look good and feel good this week and call in the resources you need to make it happen. Don’t get lost in pretending you have the bank, take the steps necessary in order to make it happen.


Yes baby!!!! We made it past the shadow of Jupiter Retrograde! By the end of this week, the bad news will stop being served and you will have an opportunity to move on out of the end zone. You are ruled by Jupiter, so when this planet goes retrograde in your first house of ego and drive, there are problems to be had. Problems! Since April of this year, you have had to switch houses, deal with unintended expenses, empty out your pockets, and stop, drop and roll.

Haha! No but seriously, I know, it hasn’t been the best of times. But I *promise* this will change this week: August 11this our golden day when things start to change. You’ll probably start feeling this vide by mid-week, when the grip starts to soften and things start going your way again, as they should, as they must, for the luckiest sign in the zodiac 😘

First thing you need to do is shake it off. Go on a trip, take a day adventure, and see something new.


I promise you, this time will pass, and you will once again see the brilliant sun and vibrant energetic capacity of a life lived out from under Saturn’s thumb. You’re doing a lot of inner work at this time, even if you don’t know it. There are many changes happening to the way you express yourself, the work you do, how you handle stress, and what type of people you build with. It’s all for a reason baby, I promise.

And this week should prove to you that there are changes coming. You’re exactly half way through this Saturn transit, and Jupiter goes direct in your 12th house, so you can experience some uplift if you recognize how much you have to offer others. Look at how valuable you skills are in service of making others’ dreams grow. Notice how important you are to the development of friends and family you care about. Understand that you will always have a role in your circle of friends, because you are cherished for the quirky fun and selfless loyalty you bring to the table.


You are working on redefining what commitment and love mean in your life, which means many of you are experiencing a glow up in the romantic sector now. Whether you have met someone new, are working on a long-standing relationship, or are thoroughly enjoying giving all that attention and love to your own self, the focus right now is partnership.

And so, I challenge you: how can you be the best partner to yourself right now? Make sure you spend this week with friends and your social circle, enjoying the brilliant vibes you can catch from certain new people who have entered your circle. You want to feel elevated, and I promise you there’s someone just waiting to show you a new way of looking at things. This isn’t necessarily a romantic interest—but you do need to give yourself the chance to continue to be independent and make new friends, even as you continue to grow in your partnership.


You’re getting the green light to move ahead at your own pace this week, Pisces. Uranus in your 3rd house has been slowly increasing the tempo and speed of your life for the past year, and even though progress is good, too many changes can get pretty overwhelming pretty quick. So, you can count on this week being the moment when things slow down a bit and you have a chance to breathe.

Think about all the shifts that have taken place since 2018. What do you want to grow more of? And what can you do without? Now is the chance to be selective and pick what you want to call in and let go of what you’re done with. Put some thought into it and write down what you’d like to accomplish from now until the end of the year. Where would you like to be by January 2020? Who can you build with to make it happen? Deliberate. And be deliberate.

Celia Sagastume

Celia Sagastume is a first generation trans latinx babe living in the in Bay Area, California. With a master's degree in social cognition, and an astrology practice that's been active for 7 years, Sagas combines keen research and scientific inquiry with astrological intuition and resonance. For daily astrology posts, personal readings, or birth chart reports, visit astrosagas.com

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