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Vegan Ice Cream Will Make You Feel Better About Yourself

Two girls licking ice cream cones

Let’s be real. Anything that’s labeled “vegan” makes you feel better about putting it into your body. In fact, at times, I find myself eating more of anything vegan.

Donuts Eating GIF by SLOTHILDA - Find & Share on GIPHY
Me eating vegan donuts

To be clear, vegan items are not necessarily healthy though. The label simply indicates that a “delicious” food doesn’t contain animal-derived ingredients ( i.e. eggs, milk, fur). However, if you’re like me (a free-spirited glutton), the vegan label will make your precious little heart and soul feel better about stuffing your face with tried and true American favorites like ice cream and donuts.

Fortunately for trendy, wellness-focused Millenials around the world, there are tons of non-dairy, vegan ice creams readily available in stores and they are quite tasty!

One of my personal faves is Coconut Bliss: light, creamy and smooooooooooooth. I’m 100% certain you don’t trust my recommendation so I’ll let Joey Graceffa give you a second opinion.

Have you tried vegan ice cream? Are you anti-veganism? Tell me your truth in the comments below.

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