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UK Festivals Push Back Against Single-Use Tents

Field at a music festival full of hundreds of tents

Music festivals in the UK, led by the Association of Independent Festivals, are fed up with “single-use” tents being left behind and becoming garbage. Retailers apparently market flimsy tents as “single-use” and festival attendees like the idea that they don’t have to carry them home and, *gasp*, store them.

The number of abandoned festival tents in the UK, last year alone, is estimated to be around 250,000! The materials often are not able to be recycled, or they get damaged beyond being able to be donated, so they end up as trash. The average tent is the equivalent of 8,750 plastic straws! All of that plastic ends up in various landfills and can even make its way to other biomes.

Take a look at the quick and informative video below, and don’t forget to check out our festival tips to make your live music experience more fun!

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