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Top Bridesmaid Tips With Lauren Lebouef

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Wedding season is officially upon us and with that comes the very fun (and sometimes very stressful) responsibility of being a bridesmaid. If you’ve been asked by a trusted friend to part of her bridesmaid crew, do not freak out!

Lauren Lebouef has got you covered with these amazingly helpful tips to help you help keep the bride happy and have a stress free experience. Like did you know there are three whole categories which you need to be aware of? Or about the…

Engagement party. Dress shopping. Bridal shower. Bachelorette party. Rehearsal plus dinner. Maybe even a speech. Wait, wut?!

Yeah, you gotta sit down, watch this video to learn all the bridesmaid etiquette, and take some notes.

TW: Being a bridesmaid is expensive.


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