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Today Is National Daiquiri Day

Two strawberry daiquiris on pink background

Here’s a mini history lesson you might be interested in:

Did you know daiquiris are named after a beach and iron mine in Cuba? The drink was invented there around the time of the Spanish-American War, and it was brought to the Americas and has been popular for those who want a cool, sweet beverage.

Check out a few different ways to make the famous drink, and celebrate #NationalDaiquiriDay!

Strawberry Daiquiri Jello Shots

These are perfect for BBQs! Grab some strawberries and make a bunch of these for an easy way to toast your friends.

Non-Frozen Melon Daiquiri

So actually, daiquiris don’t have to be frozen. Try this melon daiquiri from “The Cocktail Project” (@cocktailclasses) if you don’t want a ton of slush in your face.

Traditional Mixed Berry Daiquiri

You can’t go wrong with a classic slushee-style daiquiri. Switch up your flavors with different mixed berries, kiwi, or even banana! The Tipsy Bartender has the easy 1-2-3 for a yummy berry daiquiri.


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