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The Surprising Origin of National Donut Day

Have you ever wondered how National Donut Day came about? Celebrated the first Friday in June, the holiday came about during World War I the Salvation Army was assigned to care for US soldiers abroad.

They recognized the troops were suffering from low morale, so the “Lassies” (as they were referred to then), concocted a plan to use the scarce supply of ingredients to make a special batch of donuts to serve the men.

A small gesture, for sure, that went a long way. Still, during #Pride2019 month, one can’t help but think beyond donuts and take into consideration the complicated history between The Salvation Army and the LGBTQ community. We still have so far to go.

Perhaps, love will conquer all and we will ultimately see progress in other areas as well from the organization. Like much of America’s past, the truth is bittersweet. Maybe a little indulgence in the sugary treat wouldn’t be so bad after all?

One thing is for certain, not matter what. From Stonewall to the Supreme Court, the fight continues.

Check out the video below for more about the fascinating story of National Donut Day’s connection to The Salvation Army, and let us know in the comments how you’ll stay shining celebrating Pride.


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