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The Secret to the Perfect Tan Is Carrot Juice

Growing up my mom always told me to drink carrot juice for a whole week before going to the beach in order to achieve a proper tan.

Yup, you read that right.

As crazy as it sounds, I followed this rule my whole childhood and it worked. If you’re like me and every time you go to the beach, you get sunburnt, not tanned, here’s what you gotta do:

Five days before going to the beach, drink carrot juice. Continue to eat all your normal meals and drink plenty of water but add, at least, two glasses of carrot juice a day. Once you get to the beach and are ready to tan, apply coconut oil all over your skin, let it dry and then lather with sunscreen. This will hydrate and protect your skin, but also make it easier to absorb the sunlight without damaging the dermis.

I have zero technical evidence to substantiate why this works but my impeccable tan is proof that it does.

PS: Only tan before noon and after 2pm because, according to my mom, it’s the least dangerous sunlight.


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