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Why the Rollers Trend Isn’t Going Anywhere

Jade Roller on clay tray

Lately, going shopping at little boutiques means seeing crystals on top of crystals, on top of books about crystals, next to the rollers? I’ve heard about people practicing “rolling,” but I never really bothered to ask what it was or how it worked. What I do know is that if my favorite boutique is selling jade and rose quartz rollers, it means they must work.

So, obviously, I bought my first roller. Now what?

I took to the internet and came across this great tutorial by vlogger, Amy Serrano.  Her video focuses on when and how to use it, and how to store it for maximum benefits. Curious?

According to Vogue, this technique has been around for centuries. If it’s been around this long, feels nice on your face and isn’t expensive, then this trend is definitely sticking around.


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