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The Nameless Restaurant in CDMX You Must Try

People standing in a kitchen

Be sure to visit this unique, open-air countryside stone kitchen, next time you’re in Mexico City. While the chefs refuse to name the restaurant, locals are calling it “expendio de maíz.”

Owner Jesús explained that his mission as an “anarchist of gastronomy” is to redefine the identity of “la cocina de campo” and elevate cuisine without pretension.

All are welcome, although seating is limited to a few sidewalk tables. Patrons will be treated to stories of how the native corn is used directly from the chef. You can also watch as they cook the tacos and quesadillas on their hot comal de barro.

People standing in a kitchen
Photo courtesy of Teri Karlsson

Read more about the amazing kitchen here.

PS. The article is in Spanish, so if you’re still learning be prepared to use Google translate!


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