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The Best Summer Kombucha Kocktails

Apples, citrus, a bottle of kombucha, and a cocktail with a straw on a chalkboard. The word "kombucha" is written in chalk

Kombucha can be tasty on it’s own, but it also makes a great foundation for tasty mixed drinks.

What is it?

What you see on the shelves of your local grocery store in the drink section is typically, kombucha tea. It’s a combination of sweetened black or green tea with a culture of bacteria and yeast called kombucha. This combination is then fermented for 7 to 30 days depending on how much acidity is desired. Finally, additional flavoring such as ginger or apple may be added.

Sound good?

If you’re a fan of the tangy and effervescent flavors brought out by kombucha, use the recipes below to blend them into yummy mixed drinks!

Break out the metate y mano and try this refreshing strawberry and basil recipe from Mindful Avocado.

For you bourbon fans, Health Magazine has a kombucha Old Fashioned recipe for you.

On a Keto diet? The Keto Chef has you covered with a “brobiotic” non-alcoholic Daquiri that won’t break your diet.

Gin also makes a good combo with kombucha, lemon and honey, as Something’s Cooking TV shows us one of their favorites.


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