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Summer Vibes feat. Weekly Playlist

A man a woman hiding their faces with leaves

This week we’ve been blessed with incredible new music that I’ve had on repeat this whole weekend. Picture yourself on a boat, at a sunset party, sipping piña coladas with your friends. That’s exactly what this playlist is about. Here are my favorites:

Dollar – Becky G feat. Myke Towers

The whole buildup is a combination of party and sexy. The beat dribbles between reggaeton and R&B, so get ready for it.

Swing – Sofi Tukker

I gotta admit, this song is not for everyone. It’s an electro song that I imagine playing in a burlesque scene on “Gossip Girl” with Blair & Chuck playing hard to get while it cuts to scenes of Little J burning half of Brooklyn.

Here’s the full playlist:


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