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Victor Barragán Slays at New York Fashion Week (NSFW)

3 images from Barragan's fashion show . WOman in white shredded mini dress. Second woman in pink denim. Man in white loose tank top and black leather pants

Mexican fashion designer Barragán killed it at NY Fashion Week. His line of street/club/semi-evening wear was full of interesting cuts and colors. The palette had some eye-catching greys, purples, and lavenders along with punchy oranges. There was also a fantastic white shredded mini-dress. Fabrics went from heavy to sheer, with many items being tastefully see-through.

You can see a lot of 90s cuts and shapes in these fits. Many clothing lines haven’t been able to make blousey/poofy look flattering, but Barragán is making it work very well. The varying textures complement the loose fit of many of the pants so they don’t look stuck in the past. The asymmetrical cuts made for some interesting shapes and lines as well. All of this was punctuated with smokey, bruised looking faces by makeup artist Marcelo Gutierrez.

Victor Barragán started making t-shirts and hoodies for his own label, ytinifninfinity, in the early 2010s. Since then he has expanded into all types of streetwear and creates under his own name. He seems to be able to knock out whatever he wants. Dresses, hooded capes, vests, bodysuits, crop tops, you name it and he’s got a unique take on it. Check out his current and previous lines at his website here, and you can watch his entire New York Fashion Week 2019 show below!


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