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Sabor de Venezuela – Easy Recipes Full of Flavor

Arepa sandwich on a cutting board

Venezuelan cuisine draws from West African diets, North and South Native Americans, and parts of Europe. Heavy on the breads and meats, the food will leave you full and happy.

When you mention Venezuelan food, the first things most people mention are arepas. These yummy lil frisbees can be served with meats, cheese, avocados, and more. Used as a food shovel or sliced and stuffed like a sammich, arepas are tasty and easy to make. The Tortilla Channel shows us the deets in under a minute.

Gimme some of that good good…

Ever had fried plantains? No? You’re missing out. They go surprisingly well with beans, eggs, or ice cream. Shove ’em in a burrito, or the arepas you just made. Minimalist Baker has a recipe for Black Bean and Plaintain Arepas you gotta try.

Tres Leches Cake is high on many people’s list for favorite dessert. It’s easy to make and a little different than other cakes. It’s super moist and sweet from the condensed milk. You can add fruits or rum (or both) to jazz it up a little.


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