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Sabor de Peru: Easy Recipes Full of Flavor

Pollo a la brasa. Chicken with potatoes and green sauce.

Peruvian cuisine draws from many sources, like the indigenous Incan culture, as well as European and Asian cuisines. The natives relied on corn, potatoes, quinoa, and legumes, while the Spaniards introduced rice, wheat, and meats into the country’s diet. The bountiful Amazon has fused so many culinary influences, we wondered where to start.

After some mouth-watering research, we’d recommend the below. Totally achievable and crowd-pleasing. Buen provecho!

Green Ají Sauce

Ají sauce is ever present in Peruvian cooking. This green salsa is made of jalapeños and cilantro, and you can add other ingredients to vary the texture. It’s easy to make and is a complimentary spice to a variety of dishes. Laylita.com shows us the jam.

Beans a la Cilantro (Vegan)

Beans, beans, good for the heart…you can fill in the rest. This staple dish is super healthy, as beans have lots of fiber, protein and folate, while cilantro has lots of vitamins. Manuel Villacorta shows us how to make this vegan version from scratch.

Pollo a la Brasa Oven Style

Pollo a la Brasa is a wonderful companion for your freshly made Ají sauce. It is generally made using a rotisserie, but who has one of those? Tastemade shows us how to make this in the oven and still keep all that flavor.

Apple Empanadas

Dessert please, and I’ll take 4 of these apple empanadas. Many countries have versions of food pockets (the Spanish name comes from the verb “empanar” or “to cover in bread”), and you can often find them filled with meats, seafood, veggies, or cheeses. Yvette Marquez and Muy Bueno show us how to make these sweet versions from scratch, but you can also roll out some ready made pie dough for these yummy nuggets of sweet deliciousness.


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