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Robo-Dog Workers Are Here!

Low angle of Yellow robot dog named Spot, by Boston Dynamics

Spot has arrived.

Boston Dynamics has brought their long-developed assistant robo dog to market. According to them, Spot is “a nimble robot that climbs stairs and traverses rough terrain with unprecedented ease, yet is small enough to use indoors.” Spot is also good at keeping balance and getting itself up if it does end up on it’s side. Right now they are in early-adopter’s hands, and the cost varies. But they did say it’s like buying a car.

Boston Dynamic has been developing robots since 1992, and have some crazy other ones that you’ll see more of soon. BigDog debuted 10 years ago. There hasn’t been recent video of this guy, but imagine what it can do now.

Atlas is a humanoid that can run, jump, track objects and carry them, and more.

Aaaaaand this is how The Matrix starts…

Military applications aside, Spot is definitely a turning point for robotics and AI in the workplace. An unconfined robot that can navigate without you worrying about it falling down or getting up stairs. I imagine it will start being used where things need to be taken from A to B, heavy machinery sites, and dangerous (to humans) areas. But it’s the unknown uses that will be intriguing. Businesses will find surprising uses for Spot. We just hope they won’t take away too many jobs.

What do you think of Spot and could you use one in your workplace?


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