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Renata Flores’s “Quechua Fused Hip-Hop” Gives Us Life

Singer and rapper Renata Flores Rivera is on a mission to revive the Quechua language through her music.

“I sing in Quechua as a voice of warning, because the language is being lost. Children and young people are ashamed to speak it. They think only poor people in the Andes mountains speak it,” said Flores, who lives in Huamanga, the capital of the Ayacucho region in southern Peru.

The talented artist is fusing hip-hop beats with her traditional Indigenous language in order to deliver a powerful message against femicide and anti-femme oppression. In these modern times, voices like these are needed now more than ever.

Check out the powerful music video “Tijeras Feat. Kayfex” below, and turn the volume all the way up.

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