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Pro Skater Leticia Bufoni Defies Gravity

Leticia Best

Back in 2018, Forbes listed Leticia Bufoni as one of Most Powerful Women In International Sports. It’s safe to say she’s come a long way from her humble beginnings in São Paulo, Brazil. Bufoni was just 14 years old when she participated in her first X-Games.

Over the course of an 11 year career she has amassed many accolades, including an ESPY nomination as well as an ESPN body issue feature. Her name is now synonymous with the sport, and although she was a prodigy from age 9 when she first picked up a skateboard, her path to stardom was not all glitz and glam.

In her profile video for Red Bull, the four-time World Cup of Skateboarding champion describes her journey trying to prove to her family, especially her dad, how good of a skater she was and how skateboarding is actually a competitive and intricate sport. Take a look.


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