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Pledge of Allegiance: Féi Hernandez

This week for National Poetry Month, our featured poet is Féi Hernandez.

Féi Hernandez is a formerly undocumented immigrant from Chihuahua, Mexico. They are a performing poet and interdisciplinary artist that performs nation wide. They are a VONA (Voices of our Nations Foundation) fellow and have a BA in American Studies from Dickinson College. Currently, they are a creative writing and art teacher and Family Literacy coach at Century Community Charter School, the middle school they attended, in Inglewood, California. Additionally, Féi works as a full time spiritual healer that works with queer communities of color across the Los Angeles area.

Check out the video of Féi performing “Pledge of Allegiance,” follow them on social media, or learn more about their work at www.feihernandez.com.


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