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Peep This: Be My Eyes App

Closeup of smarphone screen showing camera feed of a train schedule

What if you could loan one of your senses to someone who needed it? Well, there’s an app for that. Be My Eyes allows you to assist the blind by lending them your sight. Since January 2015, this app has enabled blind and vision impaired people to call total strangers when they need help. The caller uses their camera to show what their question is about, and boom, answers delivered.

Why don’t the visually impaired just call a friend or family member? Well, not everyone has a lot of either, and maybe the few they do have are rarely available. It must be super comforting to know that by hitting this button, you’ll reach someone fairly quickly, and they will be super down to help.

Founder Hans Jørgen is visually impaired himself. The furniture craftsman knew firsthand that folks who can’t see well, or at all, require a little help now and then. So he assisted in developing an app that addresses this need. Users are connected by language and timezone. A call goes out and 10 volunteers are pinged. First one available takes the call. Dunzo. Yay teamwork!

Right now there are around 2 million volunteers and 133k vision impaired users worldwide. Companies such as Microsoft and Google are using the app for tech support.

Anyone can download and feel confident they won’t run into continuous language barriers or be waiting forever for help. A blind person doesn’t have to worry that a potentially uninformed person will have to troubleshoot their issue. They can rest assured a specialist from that field will help them.

The app is available for iOS and Android, so if it sounds interesting, give volunteering a shot! Helping our communities is good for us all, and this app provides another avenue to do just that.


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