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Pantone’s Seasonal Color Palette: A Mirror of Society?

Fall is here, and with that comes the inevitable change in our wardrobe. Whether we bring out last year’s winter clothes or we decide to go for a full winter makeover, our summer colors are out and the new season’s hues are in. Every season, Pantone publishes their seasonal color guide which shows brands what colors will be in style and, most importantly, what will be the color of the year. For some, this is very exciting. The expectation of what will be the color defining our style in every aspect, from fashion to home décor, makes them plan their shopping around the color announcement. Don’t worry, this is mostly the case for Fashion Week attendees. We just go by what our favorite brands have to offer.

Ok, so there’s a bit of hype around Pantone’s seasonal color selection, but why are these colors chosen? What is the meaning behind these selections? The Good Trade tackles this question by analyzing Pantone’s color descriptions, Pantone Color Institute’s executive director Leatrice Eiseman interview with WWD and through color psychology of “Empowered by color“. The analysis shows us how colors can be a representation of the current state of society. For a quick summary, we’ve put together a recap of the top 10 color choices for Fall / Winter 2018. We’re giving you the colors, the description, and real world examples of what each of these could represent. As you watch the recap below, think what will be your color this season.


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