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Out of the Doghouse: A Look at Puppy Play

Two men in puppy costumes standing outside at a street fair, in front of a wall of leather harnesses.

Fetishes and kinks are important parts of personal sexuality for many people.  They allow individuals to indulge in activities that reward them both physically and emotionally.  By now you’ve probably heard of a number of popular types; BDSM, leather, and exhibitionism.

Most of these stay behind closed doors, but a few cross over into the public realm.  One that you may have seen recently, especially if you live in a metropolitan area, is puppy play.  Yes, that person in a dog hood and leash is not an art project or a hidden camera prank.  Puppy play is growing in popularity and people are becoming more comfortable with embracing their inner canine.

Check out this great video by Naked Stories to gain a little insight into the fun and frisky world of puppy play.


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