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NPR’s Latino USA: Activists in Honduras Launch Campaign to Legalize Birth Control


Birth control access has been a hotly debated topic in Honduras. Many women in the country have found themselves in the difficult position of having to make critical decisions regarding their health with limited resources, and under duress.

Recently, a group of activists have sought to turn the tide on the stigma of women’s reproductive rights and have launched a campaign to raise awareness to women’s health issues in the country with the hopes of creating a path for its legalization.

NPR’s Latino USA’s latest takes a look at the group of women and their work to bring progress and education to those who may feel like their circumstances have led them down a path of hopelessness. Read their report here, and watch the informative video below.

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1 Comment

  1. Will April 30, 2019

    The title is wrong. They’re not trying to legalize birth control, they’re tying to legalize emergency contraception. Two different things!


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