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National Grilling Month: Surprisingly Good on the Grill

Grilled avocado with tomatoes and pesto

July is #NationalGrillingMonth and we’ve got some unexpected foods for you to throw on your grill. Try these out and work them into your next par-tay!

  • Watermelon – Slice them thick and throw them down for a minute on each side.
  • Avocado – Cut them in half and place them face down on the grill, then fill with light cheese, tomato, and balsamic.
  • Peaches – Don’t you dare try to use canned peaches for this. Cut them in half and enjoy the caramelized goodness.
Grilled peaches are fantastic! Photo Credit: Shutterstock
  • French Toast – This actually works. Use thick bread and grill up some sweet breakfast!
  • Plantains – Cut these open and grill in the peel or slice longways. Throw them into a bowl of ice cream and enjoy!
Grilled plantains caramelize nicely! Photo Credit: Shutterstock
  • Peach Cobbler – Using a cast-iron pan, you can actually bake a crumble or cobbler on the grill!
  • Cake – No, not that funfetti cake. Grab some thick sliced pound cake, grill for a couple minutes, then add ice cream and strawberries. Yum!
Yes, you can grill cake! Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Tell us some of your favorite grilled foods below!


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