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Museum of Modern Art in NYC to Reopen on October 21

The Museum of Modern Art in NYC

The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York City is reopening its doors to the public after a five-month renovation costing $450 million to “better connect the museum to the people & streets of New York City,” according the museum’s press release.

With the new architectural upgrade, museum goers will be able to enjoy an additional 47,000 square feet of space to experience art in a more enhanced and less claustrophobic way. The expansion also includes a new Creative Lab, a space for live programming and performances, as well as galleries specifically open to the public on the first floor.

Photo: Noah Kalina for MoMA

The changes that come with the renovation are not only physical, but also conceptual, as the museum aims to bring underrepresented art and artists to the forefront.

MoMA chief curator Ann Temkin tells ArtsNet News, “We feel that many, many regions that once seemed peripheral don’t seem that way any more, they seem central. Figures who once seemed secondary now seem primary.”

Anticipated exhibitions that come with the museum’s reopening include featured works by female artists of color including South Korean artist Haegue Yang and African American artist Betye Saar.

As we inch closer to the reoopening, the MoMA has already hosted exclusive member previews this month, with another happening this Saturday, October 19. Will you be checking out the newly redesigned MoMA in the near future? Let us know in the comment section below!

Vivian Wang

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