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Mexican Physicist Solves 2000 Year-Old Lens Problem

Hand holding a lens. Full image is upside down but image in lens is right side up

Rafael G. González-Acuña, a doctoral student at Mexico’s Tecnológico de Monterrey, just solved a 2000 year old problem with lenses.

No matter how expensive the lens, they still get slightly out of focus (or soft) around the edges.  This is due to something called spherical aberration. Basically, we can’t make lenses perfectly round or smooth, so the light coming through gets bounced around by the tiniest of imperfections. 

González-Acuña has worked out a solution that will in theory let lens makers counteract this problem, no matter how big the lens!  If they can use this model in a way that is cost efficient, we will likely see the effects in everything from smart phones to telescopes!  Congratulations Rafael!  

Read more at Gizmodo.


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