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Mercury goes Direct: Get it Together

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Mercury goes direct on March 28th, 2019, ending the long one month of March re-visits and old pattern shaking for a fresh start in Aries season, just in time for the New Moon on April 5th.

Mercury goes direct on March 28, 2019, ending the long month of March re-visits and old pattern shaking for a fresh start in Aries season, just in time for the New Moon on April 5. Mercury has been retrograde in Pisces since March 5t, marking Pisces season with an added intensity that was quite frankly unnecessary.

With the rise of astrological knowledge and awareness thanks to the internet and meme culture, we all know about the Mercury cycles and take full advantage of blaming the Mercury Retrograde for everything under the sun. Sure, Mercury retrograde can definitely be blamed for faulty contracts, electronic fails, and social media shutdowns, but how much do you really know about how best to use this energy, and what to do with it once Mercury goes direct? Read your horoscope below to find out. 


You’ve been cautious with your words this month Aries, being more cautious than usual with what you share with others and what truths you communicate. You’re overly aware of all the times people have held things that you’ve said against you, and now you don’t want to make mistakes. But what’s even more likely to happen is that what you don’t say will come back to bite you. Don’t let any ambiguity settle into your relationships or hold back important information that you need to share. While it’s definitely true that some people hold on to things waaay past their due date, it’s also true that if you let people project their own stories onto your narrative, you lose control of your own sense of self. As Mercury goes direct, schedule time to have the conversations you’ve been afraid to open up and let go of the resentment you feel from the past when someone held what you said against you. You aren’t there anymore, and you have to give the new people in your life a chance to do better by you. 


Can you trust that group of friends tho, Taurus? This past month has been a trying month for you, socially. You’re aware of the long-term goals and money moves you’re trying to make in the world but aren’t sure if your friends are actually there for the ride. You are so loyal and so down for those you consider the homies, but are they ride or die for you? This month you’ve been needing some help with visioning a larger plan for yourself, getting the new project off the ground, and putting in the work for the long game. But Spring has sprung and some of the people in your life are too busy getting their day time drink on to pick up the phone when you need some advice. It’s ok, really, everyone’s got to have their own life—but make sure everyone on your team is On Your Team. Assess the social situation as Mercury goes direct and your plans take a forward motion once again. Who can you count on right now? And who should be given a wider net as the summer takes off? You do need to know.


Even though Mercury was retrograde and even though you knew that you’re personally affected by such a trend, seeing as Mercury is your ruler, you still went ahead and signed contracts, bought new phones, and made long term plans, Gemini. I know we like to tempt fate and you are right—we are only using astrological weather advice for gain, not for limitation, but some of those choices are gona bounce back now, dear Gem. You’ll have to get clear on whether the steps you’ve taken during the retrograde cycle are going to help or hinder your job and career goals—and get it set quick. We are still in the shadow period of Mercury for another two weeks, so get everything in order now. You’ve got some time to revisit and renegotiate any outstanding contracts or bills that need to be made right. Take care of your business now.


You tried taking some classes, but the time just didn’t really work for your schedule, did it, Cancer? You really want to expand your knowledge, get that degree, go on a trip, and prove to the world that you’re way more than just the feely type. The ability to tap into your emotional body brings a high degree of intuition and knowledge from your ancestry and roots, and you want to apply it to the real world right now. It’s fine that the classes you signed up for didn’t work out. You’re still trying to figure out exactly how to legitimize your knowledge and interests and gain recognition for your intelligence and integrity. Might I suggest stepping outside the institutionalized ways of knowing and proving worth? Academia does not value inductive knowledge and intuition, so one of the reasons you might be having a hard time following through on classes is that you’re signing up for the wrong ones. Get clear on exactly what you want to study or learn more about, how you want to use that knowledge, and what you want to improve upon by getting that degree, training, or certification. Don’t get that paper just for the sake of it. Have a game plan. Then go in and conquer. 


You can’t escape the awareness that the story you’ve been telling about yourself is different from the reality you live, Leo. You’ve definitely been having to face some hard truths about yourself, your relationships, and your loved ones this cycle, and it hasn’t been fun. At all. The hall of mirrors has opened up to reveal all the sides of you that aren’t on display when the spotlight shines and the world sees the glitter and glam of that Leo mane. But that’s ok. You’ve been doing a lot of renovating on the interior so that it may show on the exterior, and this spring is going be the one to remember! The tough work is almost through now, and if you haven’t put into place the resources or support you need to help you with the heavy lifting you’ve been doing, then now is the time to make the calls. You’re moving forward now, brave face on, the darkest hours of the night behind you. Make sure you’ve got your friends with you as you emerge from the struggle: beautiful, majestic, full of hope. You have made it through another winter.


Partners, partners, partners….  Partners. Either you have one, and you’ve been doing a lot of thinking on the work ya’ll need to do together to renovate the relationship, you don’t have one and you’ve been low key trying to find a new one before everyone boo’s up for the spring, or you’ve just hooked one and you’re working out the new vibes. It’s a lot of energy to contend with, especially since you’re most comfortable just cleaning your own space, making sure your side of the street is swept, and offering sage advice to all your messy friends. But you really want a healthy, supportive, and loving relationship right now tho! This is the time to admit your feelings and communicate your wishes to that special boo thing crush partner in your life that has no idea what you’ve been scheming in your head. You’ll never get what you want just by thinking and thinking and thinking on it, Virgo, no matter what your crazy mind tries to convince you is true. In order to get things done, you have to take actions. So take them. 


You’ve been working yourself too hard and it’s starting to show Libra. You really, really need to take a break, and if Mercury Retrograde hasn’t slowed you down enough, then I’m afraid Mercury Direct is going to bring the big blocks out to make sure you take a time out. So just take a little time out. Go to the woods, smell the spring flower bloom, get into the spa, and treat yourself right. You’ve been doing a lot of planning and thinking and forming and scheming for the next phase of your work here, and we’re all really impressed with the time you’ve put in. But if you keep running yourself ragged, your body is going to REVOLT! So do us all a favor and go on a staycation so that you don’t ruin your perfectly crafted relationships, networks, and supports with a nervous overload. The work will truly, truly, still be here when you come back next week.


How’s that old/new romance going, Scorpio? Yeah, we all know you love to revive an old flame, feel the burn of a long-term love, and discover just how deep a connection goes. All month you’ve been dancing with the fire of a romance that you thought was lost but has just been found. Congrats! I know it feels good to reconnect with someone so close and so important that you thought would never come back around. But now, the romance becomes the relationship. Were you in it just to prove you could woo them back, or are you actually ready to take on the reality of a relationship with your loved one? Mercury going direct will be the deciding factor. Get clear with yourself about how much you’re actually willing to invest in this romance, and whether you’re down for them for the ride or die, or just for the weekend. The question will come up real soon, and you’ll be asked to prove it. 


So many changes have been coming up! Week after week after week, really since the start of the year, has been constant change. And it’s all catching up to you now, as you sit in your room, at home, in bed, listening to Drake and remembering what it was like back then, listening to Marvin’s Room and getting over what you know now was just a passing crush. You’re revisiting all of the old because the present feels overwhelming, and you think it’s just a distraction but actually, there’s something here for you. Why do all these changes remind you of certain times in your life? Why are you reminiscing about a certain crush, during a certain time, at that one place? There’s something for you to learn about your patterns right now, and whatever you’re reminiscing on is coming up for you because there’s something to learn from it that will help in the present. So focus on the pattern right now, especially if it has to do with your family, your roots, or your intentions for your life. Have you been pulled away from what your passion is because you wanted a sense of security? 


Ok Cap, you had a bit of a break on the coming up, and I’m sure it’s felt nice, but by this time tomorrow the volume will be all the way up. Can you handle all the shifts being thrown your way right now? The key is to lean in to the Gemini/Mercury way of thinking right now, to the best of your ability. I know that you Caps love to have everything pre-planned and pre-arranged, but you know life is change, right? Right now, your life is change. Lots of it. More than any sensible Capricorn would ever want, really. So don’t try to apply the Capricorn way of thinking and dealing in order to find solutions to the vibe, Cap, because it just won’t work. Instead, call up a Gemini and ask how they would deal with the current life trend. What you want is the flexibility, openness, and curiosity of the Gemini brain: accepting that you won’t know the answers, the best laid plans are always turned around, and there’s more than one side to every coin. This time too, shall pass, and even though it feels *insane* right now, you’ll be SO glad with where you end up that this time will be worth it. For the most part. 😉


Ok Aquarius, you’ve been aware, all month, that you want to bring in more bread than you’ve been getting lately. You’ve watched closely as others have made big leaps in career, job, or gig situations in order to set themselves up for greater rewards. You’ve taken notes from the pros who have figured out how to use the power of positive thinking to make bags appear out of seemingly thin air. And you’re increasingly paranoid about the state of the economy and what the future holds, given all the jokers in charge of our resources right now. Mercury is going direct now, and I trust you’ve come up with a game plan or seven on how to get the resources rolling. If you haven’t, now is the time to realize that what you want is never going to passively appear in front of you just because you whined loudly enough to the universe for it. You’ve got to put in the work, and now that Mercury is going direct, I want to hear less whining and more strategizing. Negotiate yourself into higher pay. Start a new business. Ask for reciprocity for the energy you’re putting out into the world. You’re worth it.


Ok, Pisces, I know we’re all the center of our own universe’s, but damn! It’s time to recognize your place in the larger picture and cultivate some objectivity. The Full Moon in Libra has forced you to face some of your own objections to intimacy, and certain very close people in your life are supporting you in crawling out of your defensive hole and taking certain risks with your emotional body. You’ve got to stop projecting your feelings onto everyone else and take some responsibility for your own feelings. Us Pisces get lost in feeling other people’s feelings, not knowing where others’ end and ours begins, but what we don’t realize is that this diffusion of boundaries goes both ways. Sometimes we’re the ones having the feelings we perceive in others, and we’ve been doing a lot of that in the last month. The whole point is for you to recognize that you’ve got some work to do if you want to use your intuitive gift without getting lost in your own emotional responses to all the information you gather. So, own up to your own emotional body, and create some more objectivity in your life. This process is going to help you complete your work here. 

Celia Sagastume

Celia Sagastume is a first generation trans latinx babe living in the in Bay Area, California. With a master's degree in social cognition, and an astrology practice that's been active for 7 years, Sagas combines keen research and scientific inquiry with astrological intuition and resonance. For daily astrology posts, personal readings, or birth chart reports, visit astrosagas.com

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